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I'm in Love with Linkin Park

I'm so addicted to them XD Can't stop listening to their music or watching videos XD

They are such an awesome band and their lyrics are so amazing!!!!!

Gee will announce an European Tour soon!!!!!

I'm so excited.......hope it will be very soon!!!!! can't wait anymore xD

Hope so bad that he will come to Luxembourg <3

Any Echelons here?

I love 30STM <3
They are awesome :)
My fav song is The Kill, love it <3
Jared Leto <3 .......perfect <3 (the beard is a bit to much, he should shave it off XD )

I saw them twice :) and I got an autograph once, but no photo yet with them XD

Do you think Gee is going to do a tour?

I really hope that he will do one, and that he will also come in Europe (except the gigs in Uk now XD)

I never have seen MCR live :(

Miss some Killjoys here :(

I wrote with some Killjoys here...but they haven't answer me yet....since a long time :(

I'm REALLY worried....I hope they are okay :(

Love Frank's new video

it is absolutly amazing <3

Happy MCR DAY to everyone !!!!! <3
I'm a part of this <3 <3

OMG!!!!! His face <3 so awesome ^^

30STM gig was amazing !!!!!!!!!!1

Yesterday I was at the Rock-A-Field (festival in Luxembourg XD ) and 30STM was there :D
It was amazing!!!! <3 they are so amazing live <3 <3
Awesome <3