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check this guys!

I think there isn't any hope ...... :(

THX a lot!!!! it works again,but....

my messages are disappeared :/ least it works again XD

what happened to the community?
Gee with glasses <3
the best day in my life

Thursday..I was at the concert of LP in Cologne!!!
It was amazing!!! the show was awesome <3
I had a M&G!!!! <3
I hugged Chester and highfived Mike!!!! <3
OMG!!!! still can not believe this!!!


Happy belated bday Frankie! <3

I'm sad.....

I wish that tomorrow I will have a better day:( and a positive answer......from an email......

Linkin Park

I'm going to see them in November...I'm so nervous....oh and I have a M&G package :D I will die when I meet them XD hope to get a pic and a hug <3

I'm not very happy about Gee's new european dates :/ :(

I hoped he will come to my country...

Video of Millions

Gee's new video is cool Xd he looks so awesome in it <3 love his eye make up
but his videos are a bit weird