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I want go to scotland

I want to go on holidays in Scotland...Edinburgh and Glasgow..maybe in septemberxd

it was suicide!!!

the plane crash was suicide of the co-pilot :O
really terrible to kill so many people......

my thoughts go to all the families of the victims

4U9525 :/

My thoughts go to the families of the victims.

today....2 years ago

we will never forget you
you will always be and stay in our hearts <3
maybe one day....there will be a reunion....

MCR forever!!! <3

I do not think that a reunion will come that fast.......

I think it will take some time or years until they get back together....if they will.....

all these rumours are just rumours...nothing else

it is really bad to make wrong hopes....because of some rumours
we have to accept the break-up until one of them will say something about it

and be aware of facebook, twitter and so on....these can be wrong messages because of the hackers....

p.s. I do not want to destroy everybodys hopes.....but I also do no want that you have wrong hopes and keep on them....I do not want to make you sad

check this guys!

I think there isn't any hope ...... :(

THX a lot!!!! it works again,but....

my messages are disappeared :/ least it works again XD

what happened to the community?
Gee with glasses <3
the best day in my life

Thursday..I was at the concert of LP in Cologne!!!
It was amazing!!! the show was awesome <3
I had a M&G!!!! <3
I hugged Chester and highfived Mike!!!! <3
OMG!!!! still can not believe this!!!