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horrible day.....feeling so much hate and anger

im not sure how to feel at the moment
my day was terrible, so many tears and sadness
headache and im pretty sure i wont sleep tonight

feeling so much hate, but i keep saying to others around me that im fine....actually im feeling terrible

but well

mid term exam

had today this midterm exam, it was okay, so neither too difficult nor too easy
but hope i am going to pass it XD

but well....what else to say...oh nxt week i will have an other teyt but this will be a kanji test^^ its going to be difficult too....damn dont like kanji, for not saying hate it ^^

oh and term papers, yeah i really have to start writing

tomorrow midterm exam -.-

i am kinda nervous for the exam tomorrow...its going to be difficult

its about american phoenetics....hope so bad that i will manage this

okay..thats all going to bed now

some stuff

my semester will end and i still haveso much work to do....5 term papers, a study project and other things...its getting busier and stressful
on one hand i am glad to have semester vacations, but on the other hand, i am not because of all these work i still have to do
oh..i already started with my study project^^ but thats all

other things which i wanted to write...
oh not sure if i already mentioned i am collecting vinyls..but dont have that much XD i almost have every the scandals vinyl :P mhmm i love this band
but i still need vinyls from mcr or frnk or gerard XD

think thats almost all

got a personal letter from jared hart

My vinyl of the scandals arrived today in my mail and as I opened it I saw that jared incuded a personal letter and some other stuff :D :D
I am so happy that I got it :) he is such a nice guy...and does so much for his fans

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Merry Christmas

Wish you all a merry christmas
I celebrate it, even if i am, as i already told, not religious XD

hope you had or will have an amazing christmas eve :D

x-mas is coming

friday is my last day before christmas holidays :) i am so happy when the holidays start

i have so much stuff to do for the university....i need this holiday to restart/refresh ^^

and i am so excited for xmas like every year.....dont know why, but i like christmas, and i dont celebrate it because of the religion thing, but only because of family, food and gifts XD and the fun we always have there


is there anyone who have already ordered sth on bandcamp??

i ordered sth and i am wondered when they will ship the item and if i will get noticed.....i already contacted the, but they havent answered yet

Listen to Jared Hart's past lives and pass lines record

you def should listen to it, it's worth to do it

its really amazing and lets support him :D