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poor Jared :(

I think this is after the break-up from Jared Leto and Cameron Diaz

Jared looks so sad in this photo :(

Song Quote Meaning?

Can someone tell me what this song quotes mean:

"you only live forever in the lights you make"

thanks <3

Jared Leto movie: Urban Legend

Does anybody have seen the movie Urban Legend with Jared Leto (year: 1998) ?

Because I want to buy me a movie from Jared Leto and I'm not sure which :/

I want to buy this because it is a Horror movie :D, but I don't know if the movie is good or not :/

Please can someone tell if this movie is worth to buy ...

thanks <3

p.s. when not I'll maybe buy a film which I have already seen XD

I think of you

Almost every day, when I go to bed, I think of these post in this forum
Sometimes I really feel sad, that I can't do anything for you, so that you can feel better
Sometimes I tried my best to write something good and helpful, and I think this isn't enough

In my opinion it is good to share your problems with others, instead of stay them inside you
And I have respect for you for doing that XD

Sorry to write this, but I really feel with you <3

Is this true or just a fake????

I found this "picture" on a Facebook Fansite of Jared Leto
I want to know if this story (that that girl insulted hom) is true or not?


I really hope that there will be a reunion, because I must see them live :/

Before some days, I listened to their songs, and I got tears in my eyes, because I miss them so f***ing much, I can't stand it anymore

WHY??? Please come together again

Yeah, it's good that they make their own things, but I still miss MCR :/

Sometimes I think that there must be reunion, because they can't stop a band without a goodbye tour XD

My wish was: a feature: MCR and 30STM XD


Yesterday I came from my holiday and has now a jetlag :S
My flight was from San Francisco to Paris(very long flight) and then from Paris to Luxembourg (horrible flight)

But the holiday was awesome XD


I just saw the film "Premium Rush" and in one scene was the song NANANA :D
so awesome ;)


here's the pic from my earlier blog XD


here's the pic from my earlier blog XD