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Bad things happens....

Frank posted this on Twitter/Instagram

frankieromustdietoday is a rough day. R.I.P. Prof. Buckley, you were a good dog, and I'm really going to miss you. xo


VMA today

Today are the VMA's and I can't watch it live, because it's 2 am in my country XD

But I will watch it tomorrow the replay

Hope that 30STM will win <3

NEW: Gerard with a guitar

Have you seen this new photo of Gerard which he posted on Twitter?

OMG this is so awesome: he with a guitar

so cute <3

I'm so exited what he is gonna do and how his new music could be XD

Miss MCR so f***ing bad :(

I watch MCR live videos and think how awesome it would be to go to one of their gig

I must see them live once !!!!!!!!

Sadley, there are a lot of comment about the wish of a reunion and so on :(

Maybe they will come back together after realizing that they left us alone XD and that we can't live without them

Maybe they come back together sooner as we think XD

A dream could coome true, but...

I'll move in Germany and I realized that 30STM have some dates in Germany

But sadly I can't go because of the university :(
They don't come in my city :(

So when they will come to Germany in November, I will be sitting in my new habitation and thinking how awesome theses gig could be, without me :(
This makes me so sad :(

I could cry :(

Now I have to wait until their next Europe/Germany tour (in 2-3 years???) :(

Have you seen Jared's post on Instagram ^^

His comment: This is hilarious

^^ awesome <3 love this guy

Need the whole video

Does someone know the video from 1:01 (with the gifts) ??

p.s. so cute as Gerard hugged Frankie <3

Facebook chat: problems

Since days, my Facebook chat show me that I'm not connected with it :/

I asked Facebook for help, but I got no answer
Can someone help me

p.s. I can chat with friends, but I'm offline for them

the first steps to my university

Tomorrow I have to stand up very early to go to Germany.
I have to bring some documents to the university and I have to look some habitation

my evening the day before yesterday

The day before yesterday, I vomited :/ and I'm not sure why

I think it was because of this weird combination:
Drunk organce juice
Stomach ache, so I drunk water
Then I felt ill, and thought it was because I was hungry, ate something with grape-suguar
Felt more ill and took a pill

so I vomited :/