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Frank Iero: solo album

Have you read the interview from Frank in the new Kerrang issue :D

He's talking about the break-up of MCR (not very much) and about his new solo album :D

Welcome to the Black Parade

I drove with my mom and my sister to a supermarket and on the way to home, the radio played: Welcome to The Black Parade :) I was so happy and turn the volume loud :D
After the song the person on the radio said:
"Too bad that the band broke up" then he told the story where Gerard made the proposal of marriage to his wife (because it is today 6 years ago), so cute <3

I fucking love this song <3

MCR forever

Please, I search the video

Please I really need the video, it's about Jared, where he said: "Or else, You don't have friends. Like Me"

Here is the link to the gif:

Weird dreams/nightmares

In two nights in a row, I had a nightmare with the same "evil"

In both dreams, there was a man with a Taurus mask who wanted to kill me
1 dream: He pushed me with his horns inmy stomach (I woked up and had ache)
2 dream: He stood by a window and watched into it and talked in my though that he wants to kill me

really weird dreams

MCR dream (30STM)

I had a weird dream last night:
I dreamed that the MCR guys were my classmates XD
He had swimming lesson, but MCR ddin't swim, just a few people from my class
Some time later
The teacher said to one person that the MCR guys are already gone out of the lessons and that we have to search them
As they come back, Gerard started to sing loud "The Kill (30STM) XD
(Gerard had long black hair)


It's difficult for me: Gerard or Frank ? :/
I really really love both, but I think my favorite is Gerard <3

He has such an amazing voice and he is an awesome songwrite <3
He is so cute, especially when he smile :D

Love this guy, looks amazing and young forever

Gerard: I love you <3

30STM won at the VMAs

I'm so happy that 30STM won the award for the best rock video <3

I will watch the vma tonight

Bad things happens....

Frank posted this on Twitter/Instagram

frankieromustdietoday is a rough day. R.I.P. Prof. Buckley, you were a good dog, and I'm really going to miss you. xo


VMA today

Today are the VMA's and I can't watch it live, because it's 2 am in my country XD

But I will watch it tomorrow the replay

Hope that 30STM will win <3

NEW: Gerard with a guitar

Have you seen this new photo of Gerard which he posted on Twitter?

OMG this is so awesome: he with a guitar

so cute <3

I'm so exited what he is gonna do and how his new music could be XD