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Always the same with my dreams

When I dreamed that I run or will run, I can't. I stuck or I run slow, also when I tried to run fast, it didn't work. My legs don't want

Yeah I know it is dumb and not interesting what I wrote , but It sucks :/

I love Supernatural

I love this serie, I loved it since the first episode I saw
Now I'm watching the 7 on DVD XD

A day to mourn and a day to celebrate

Today is a day to remember the 9/11. RIP to all those people who lost their lives on this day:(

But today is also the Birthday from My Chemical Romance :) So: Happy Birthday to you :D

Happy Birhtday Mikey
Jamia Instagram

Does someone know if this is Jamias real Instagram:????

everything is so bad :(

My best friend has so many negativ thoughts (she hadn't this before)
Her dad died a month ago, and she believes when she was at this time at home, this probably wouldn't have happend or maybe she could have said him goodbye. She also thinks that her dad was still angry of her
Her boyfriend left her, so she feels so sad. She said that the happiest thing in her life is sleeping. She hates her work, because of these people and bullying :/

And I don't know what to do :(

The other thing is that I can't go to a 30STM concert where some gigs are so near to me :(

Gerard in studio <3

I found this picture of Gerard on Facebook :D

To see him in a studio makes me so happy :)
I'm so exited what he is gonna do <3

Panic Room => awesome movie

Today I saw the movie Panic Room with Jared Leto <3
I love it, really great movie

Jared looked so awesome, beautiful in this movie

(just sad that he died)

I love him so much, awesome actor, my favorite actor :D

Frank Iero: solo album

Have you read the interview from Frank in the new Kerrang issue :D

He's talking about the break-up of MCR (not very much) and about his new solo album :D

Welcome to the Black Parade

I drove with my mom and my sister to a supermarket and on the way to home, the radio played: Welcome to The Black Parade :) I was so happy and turn the volume loud :D
After the song the person on the radio said:
"Too bad that the band broke up" then he told the story where Gerard made the proposal of marriage to his wife (because it is today 6 years ago), so cute <3

I fucking love this song <3

MCR forever