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Jackass: badgrandpa


Really great, also for people who don't like jackass, it isn't like the other films, it's so funnyXD

Gerard in the new Kerrang!!

Gee is in the new Kerrang on the cover
And he talked about the solo and Sydney

really great article

The day was sh-t

Do you the the feeling when you have to make a presentation in the class and your friends make a group under them? and you have to make it with others
(this happened because of once fucking guy)

Yeah this happened to me today :/ I was really sad and then I thought on this:

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone

Going to See 30STM in Cologne XD

I'm so happy, I got my tickets today, I'm going to see them live :)

So awesome

Is there anybody who was in the Lanxess Arena?

Jared Leto's jacket stolen

During the show at the Hollywood Bowl, someone stole Jared Leto's black leather jacket....
This was during the song Up In The Air, where he took a lot of people on stage

But how can someone do that, I would never steal something from one of my favorite band.... really cruel,

Hope he will get it back, he had it 5 years....

Killjoy name?? need your help

Sorry I'm not that long fan of MCR, but I want to have a Killjoy name....
Don't know how to do this :(
Can someone help me or give me one?

First day at the uni

Tomorrow will be my first day at the university....
I have confused feelings... I'm nervous and also sometimes I'm glad to go there.....

Wish me Luck guys ;)

OMG I dreamed about Gerard

I dreamed that I wanted to go to a gig of MCR
Then before they started they came out and I asked Gerard to hug him <3
OMG he was so cute and he hugged me back, fucking awesome dream
Then I woke up, -.-

Hope that it will come true one day <3
Love this guy so much <3

Gerard about MCR5

For those who don't know this:
Gerard talked in Sydney about their break-up and why they didn't finish MCR5

I just know the thing with MCR5:
The concept of the ablum was: parents go to therapy because their kids died on a brutal horrible way. Gee wasn't connect with it and thought that the fans do neither and so theiy didn't finish it, because they want to feel good with a album

but I don't know what Gee said about the break-up

New pic of Gerard XD (Australia)

Gerard looks so great in this picture XD I love him
So cute <3 and so young

I hope that someone will record Gerard and Grant at the Sydney Opera House XD