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Happy birthday Frankie <3

and Happy Ieroween

30STM: City Of Angels Video

The new video/short film of 30STM is awesome and it's so emotional
the song and all these stories <3
You have to take some minutes to watch this short film and listen to the personal stories from the people in it XD

here is the link to it: XD

Dream about 2 Jared Letos<3

I dreamed that there were 2 Jared Letos, really awesome <3

but somehow the one wanted to kill the other, don't know why XD
but maybe because every one wanted to be the most beautiful XD^^

I search this hoodie

I can't find this hoodie.... can someone tell where I can find it ??


Lanxess Arena: need your HELP!!!

I already posted here that I'm going to see 30STM live in Cologne at the Lanxess Arena
my question to you
Is there anybody who was already in that arena?
Does anyone know where the backstage door is? ;)

yeah I know I'm really freaky XD

1 WEEK !!!!!!

I'm so exiting I'm going to see 30STM in 1 week LIVE in Cologne, so happy:)

Still can't believe it XD I love this band so much

(hope that they will come out after the gig, so that I can get n autograph or maybe a photo :D OMG to get a photo is amazing, this will mean that I could touch him :D )

I aslo decide to do this XD

Facts about me:

can't live without music

love Rock/Punk/Metal/Emo......

not a party like/maker....

love Halloween (Ieroween) and Christmas

want to have tattoos and a Harley Davidson

want to play guitar like a star (still learning but I'm horrible)

still sad about the break up :(

and still wait on a reunion..........SOON

Jackass: badgrandpa


Really great, also for people who don't like jackass, it isn't like the other films, it's so funnyXD

Gerard in the new Kerrang!!

Gee is in the new Kerrang on the cover
And he talked about the solo and Sydney

really great article

The day was sh-t

Do you the the feeling when you have to make a presentation in the class and your friends make a group under them? and you have to make it with others
(this happened because of once fucking guy)

Yeah this happened to me today :/ I was really sad and then I thought on this:

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone