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Artifact 30 Seconds to Mars

Artifact is an awesome movie
It's the truth about the music buisness
you must see it <3

Searching a gift for my brother...

I need your help: I need a christmas gift for my brother
(I know it's really early, but when I have to order something, it's better to order it early)

My brother is a big fan of Bruce Springsteen, but I think that he have already everything....but I'm not sure

Can someone help me please?

Love when Jared Leto wears skirts <3

I just saw this picture, but there is also one on his Instagram ( XD

I love his skirt there XD I want it too :)

I love when he wears skirts <3 he looks good no matter what he wears :D<3

Message to Lonestar!!! IMPORTANT

Lonestar is missing since a very long time and no one have heard something from her
So I want to ask all of you to post this message everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram/Communitys.... and so on:
A Killjoy named LONESTAR is missing. Please copy/RT/Share this!!!

Maybe there will be a chance that she will see it, we can't stop searching... she is such a nice girl <3 and SHE F***ING NEEDS US

thank you so much


I still miss her... Is there anyone who knows something new about her or something

I'm so afraid that something bad happened to her......


I think that the picture says enough <3

OMG he's so hot <3 <3

EMA .... Congratulations <3 for 30STM and Green Day

I'm so happy that these two bands won an award <3
30 Seconds To Mars for Best Alternative
Green Day for Best Rock

Awesome, love these bands <3

p.s. Have you seen Jared's hair XD by presenting an award

Proud to be a part of this <3

awesome night, awesome show

My autograph from 30STM <3

I'm so happy and I still can'tbelieve it <3
Love this band so much :)