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Gee posted the test pressing on his twitter
Gee wrote something about Jared :D on twitter

Here are the tweets:

Kathy ‏@kcbban :

@gerardway What do you think of @JaredLeto winning a Golden Globe and up for an Oscar? #DallasBuyersClub Great movie. :)

Gerard Way ‏@gerardway :

@kcbban @JaredLeto I'm super excited for him, can't wait to see the film, can't wait to see him win an Oscar. Congrats!

Jared Leto is nominated for an oscar :D

I'm so happy :D I hope he will get it

Dallas Buyers Club got 6 nominations :D <3

New Favorite Movie

My new favorite movie is Dallas Buyers Club
really awesome movie

Jared is so cute as Rayon <3

Jared Leto won a Golden Globe !!!!!!!!

I'm so happy that he won this award, he really deserves it :D
such a great actor

At my time the ceremony was in the night, so I couldn't watch it, so the first thing what I did after waking up, was watching on the internet :D

Just watched Life on the Murder scene...

After watching the Video Diary, I really want them to come back together :(

There were such a great band <3

This video diary really shows how awesome this band is and why you have to love them <3

The part about Gee addiction was really hard and sad

MCR forever

Where can I find this magazine?

Here is the link:

Can I buy it on this site or where?
Online, because I live in Europe

Happy Birthfay Jared Leto <3

He turns 42 today, but looks like 24 <3 :D

Write a message to Lonestar..please

Please everybody should wirte a Merry Christmas message to Lonestar, so that she can see that we care <3 please

A Special Merry Christmas for "The Wierdo from Hell"

I made this blog for you because you are in my heart and I care how you feel
You are one of the reasons why I'm happy to be here in this community, I'm happy to have met you and that you write me <3

I will never lose you, you are so important for me <3

Love you <3

p.s. please never forget MCRmy are a family and we hold together, no matter what will happen <3