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Fake your death....

The song is awesome...but the video makes me sad :(

miss them so much :( regret it so much that I haven't seen them live :(


They show the 50 Anti Valentine songs and guess which who was on the 1st place XD

MCR with I don't love you :D

love this song :D<3

Gee has instagram :D<3
Still nothing from Lonestar :(

This make me really sad :( I really hope that she's okay.....

Happy Birthday BROKENUP <3
Jared Leto in Urban Legend <3

I just watched this movie from 1998 and Jared looks so cute in it <3

sorry for all these posts about him..I have a crush on him XD

Jared Leto said that he will cut his hair XD

He said this on vyrt violet, which I couldn't watch because I didn't buy the ticket for this movie night (the shinning), but I read some comment, that he said that he will cut his hair XD

I hope he will do the marshawk again :D <3

Have you read Gee's long tweet???

His tweet really hurts me a bit :( because as far I understood is that "Fake you Death" is the last song from the membres together :(

may death never stop you trailer

While watching this trailer, I got tears in my eyes..... miss them so much
and will never forget them <3

MCR forever<3

Need Your Help !!!!!!

I want to preorder the MCR greatest hits, but I can't :(

After clicking on "preorder", there is written that there aren't any products??????????????????????

please, :(