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Last year, on this day...

MCR broke up.....I made me really sad and I still don't know the reason :(

I still believe in a reunion

MCR forever <3

Tooth pain!!!!! :(

One wisdom tooth is coming and it hurts...hurts...hurts..... so damn much.....

I'm scared that I will have an infection :/

Was yesterday at a OneRepublic gig :D

The show was amazing :D
I waited after the gig until the singer came out and I got an autograph :D

Failed the exam :(

I'm really sad about this :(
I have to say that I haven't a good feeling by this exam....

I have to write it again...

Gee posted a pic on Instagram

He posted yesterday a pic where he is in the studio (you can see the mircophone on the pic XD)

got my ticket :D

I'm so happy :D I just bought the singleday ticket for a festival in my country :D where 30STM is coming :D

30STM and Linkin Park together on tour

This is really awesome :D
two awesome bands :D

the bad thing is....the tour will be in the USA :(
which makes me really sad :(

but it's awesome that they tour together :D


I'm so happy :D and proud of him :D

and I'm happy that Mathew McConaughy won it too :D

Academy Awards tonight !!!!!

I'm so exited for it, because I hope so much that Jared Leto will win it <3


p.s. this will be a very long night for me.....

Who is going to watch the academy awards?

I'm from Europe and I will watch it XD which will be a very long night XD

who else is going to watch it XD

p.s. I watch it because of Jared Leto <3