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MCR shirt

watched a movie yesterday and there was a girl waering a mcr shirt :D :D pretty cool!!!

movie was called....Max...think it was calledlike that....its about a dog from the marines

Greys Anatomy season 13


I watched the first two episodes and i like it but what i do not really like is that Alex accused of felony.......yeah he punched deluca to the hospital but accusing him of felony..this might cost his career...well as far as i know while watching those episodes is that alex might not ger fired but has to work in the clinic

Green Day tour!!!!

im so excited for seeing them in cologne :D:D cant wait

anyone else planning seeing them?

oh the US tour is sold out fyi

but theyll add more tour dates..

New york

im going to travel to ny very soon, in september

already have been there 7 years ago O.o

sooo...any suggestions for cool places which i might havent visited yet? you can write me every place you know...also the popular one to which i might have been...i may have missed one^^

oh and cool record stores would be cool


just saw suicide squad

Amazing movie!!!! i love the movie!!!
jared leto as joker= perfect!!! hes so amazing

oh an di love harley quinn...awesome!!! and both together!!!

you should def watcht the movie!!!!

all this excitment for nothing!!!!!!

im disappointed..well firstly im sad because there wont be a reunion or tour...but im mostly disappointed....why havent they told us this earlier??? why making such a illusion and let us believe in a possible comeback?!?!?!

im so disappointed by this...that was kinda wrong of them...waiting 24h or so and than telling us its the anniversary can say that this might be my own fault believing to quickly in a reunion or so but this video brought me thinking of this and now i found out that this was not more than just a f***ing celebration of this damn record....i mean why making so much


this video brought me a lot of questions in my head, especially this date
what does that mean?
new record?
new song?
a reunion?
goodbye tour?
or just the anniversary of the album, but isnt this a bit too much for just an anniversary i mean changing profil pic and this video?

oh and this x
mcrx? means what? what does this x stand for?

well this gives me a tiny hope of something good.....ill keep hoping!!!

semester ends today for me!!

im pretty glad that my semester i over, well still have to write 3exams, two nxt week and 1in august...but its easier to learn when you dont have to take i can focus on stuying^^

after the exams..ill get my first tat :D kinda excited for this and then in sepember: im going to NY :D


nxt week last week of university classes

im glad that my semester will end nxt week...but then the exams start and i have a presentation on wednesday in japanese :O going to be so nervous....because the teacher will ask questions afterwards and im scared that i wont understand them

yeah i need to be calm but it will be difficult because of the questions....well im glad that ill have this behind me!!


im totally into GA at the moment

I started watching Greys anatomy some weeks ago i think :P well i srarted watching it during season 12, now i have finished this, and started watching the old seasons and im now at season 2...its pretty cool! i like it and i must admit im kinda addicted to it almost every day...i really like the characters ^^

well anyone watching it?