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Because jayden Collapsed.

seriously, all these people cared about was getting him to a hospital - not if he was ok, but to save thier own asses from well, a lawsuit. Jayden collapses alot, and usually just needs to take time to get better ( about 15 mins ) so , when he finally feels better and we can go upstairs to watch the drag show, they decide its a good idea to tell us to either get a bus, take a cab or call the ambulance - because they didn't feel comfortable with us being there.

No Green Day for Me.


This is really pissing me off

So I finally looked up green day tour dates a little while ago ( Last time i looked, about 2 months ago they weren't on sale yet ) and guess what? seats right ABOVE the pit are going to be 367 + a 70 dollar service fee. 447 a ticket. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

I cannot afford to spend 900 ish dollars for me & jayden to go see Green day. I am broke. NOT COOL TICKETMASTER/LIVE NATION! NOT COOL!

unless of course, I want to sit on the lawn above the stadium... then It's 100 a ticket with fees. and i can't sit on the lawn, because of Jayden's Back.

Look What I found....

ermm... now I just need a credit card to order it with and I'll be all set.

* Corny *

Ok these are song's I love and want to cover. I will pick two. I want you guys to vote on what you think I should do..

Pretty Baby - Vanessa Carlton

Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins

I'm Not Okay ( I Promise ) - My Chemical Romance

Look what you've done - Jet

The Taste Of Ink - The Used

Lovesong - The Cure

Please please please let me get what I want - the Smiths

I hate Jimmy Page - Mindless Self Indulgence

America's Suitehearts - Fall Out Boy

Tiny Dancer / Candle In the wind ( I would somehow make one fade into the other ) - elton john

Baby Names

Considering it's Bandits birthday, let's talk baby name's for a minute K?

Asssuming I have 6 kids...

My first daughter's name is going to be Malicia Anna Breanna, Second daughter Carlotta Marie, Third Daughter Andie Leslie .

EVEN MORE BAND PICS ( prolly the last one )

Please comment or message me on FB and tell me what ya'll think.

heres the link to all the pics :!/album....


lets make


A Trending topic today


Happy Birthday Bandit :)

Queer Prom

So here in Denver we have Queer prom. This years theme was alice In wonderland, I didn't have the money to go - and next year Jayden will be too old to go. But josh Went, Apparently it was cool.

I guess I'll never get to go to prom, unless the MCRmy decides to do one.... WAIT! BRAINSTORM! Let's have an Prom for the MCRmy! YAY! we can do it in each of our states/countries/ cities


I know Im a dork.