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before I hit the hay

Year you first listened to My Chemical Romance? 2002-3ish? maybe sooner. My internal clock is so fucked.

Favourite My Chemical Romance memory? Writing them a letter begging to come to San Bernardino around my birthday, and getting a call from my best friend 3 weeks later screaming " HOLY SHIT MCR IS GONNA BE HERE ON YOUR 16TH BIRTHDAY"

Favourite My Chemical Romance song? Demolition Lovers, Headfirst for Halos, I'm Not Okay, The Jetset life is gonna kill you, Cancer, Mama, Kill All your Friends, Heaven Help Us, Nanana!

Name something random that reminds you of My Chemical Romance? Alot.



Not Fair. The English don't even LIKE American football! Hell, I don't even like American Football! BUT FUCK YOU BRONCOS, AND 49ERS For not playing at Mile High Stadium in Denver, CO - Where you belong. Where I can actually go see MCR.

I thought it was a typo, Bronco's V. 49ers at Wembley - but no - fucking Wembley.

Fucking England.



I hate Jocks. I hate football. I hate Wembley.

Killjoy name.

I don't even Need to come up with one.

Kiki Lawlipop Doom.

It's been my name for years anyway.

OK Peeps. Listen up. That "religious" MCR hating site?

Its a Troll site.

Linkage to proof :

also, Freehold Iowa doesn't exist.

Scroll down to fiction

Yeah I believed it at first because I was raised with Christians that actually think like that, and Say things like that. whats sad about this site is that there's people out there like that. EXACTLY like that.

It is complete and total

Sometimes people make me wanna puke.

So where to start.

Yesterday was my 21st birthday! YAY!

The day before though, my fiancee and I and my friend Wafflez went to Rainbow Alley to pick up the card my so called "friend" Sherylnn "Sadie" Warriner was commissioned to make for me. It was supposed to be Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II .

I had told Sadie a few weeks prior that she was starting to become a royal bitch and I don't want to talk to / be around her anymore.

So a week or so ago we made up.

I have a few words for a person who shall remain nameless who has been trolling this site with racism and hate.

1. Go back to your cave / hole in the ground in the south. The U.S Need's to take every racist P.O.S no matter the age and race and send them all to Mississippi, then give Mississippi to China as a gift and disband all the fucktards like this fool's welfare. Which brings me to another thing - IF YOU CAN AFFORD BEER & CIGARETTES YOU DON'T NEED FOOD-STAMPS/ HOUSING ASSISTANCE / FREE CHILDCARE.

2. Everything your parents have ever told you about race is wrong, as it's probably due to

live stream @ Kroq
A fellow solider in need of some support. And hugs. Lots of hugs.

First things first, check out my super special awesome new L wig.

Next, the more emotional crap. Today one of my best friends got sentenced to a year in prison... He has always been there for me and now - when he needs me most - theres nothing I can do but send him letters and visit once a freakin' week for 30 minutes. He is the Matt to my Mello, or rather - a reference for the not-anime obsessed - The Stars to my night sky. He's always been there to support me and hold me when shit gets tough, and I can't hold him in his scariest moments.

Good morning Soliders.

So, I pretty much freaked when I saw the video. I nearly cried, and proceeded to call my friend Niko and freak out, while my best friend stared at me in disbelief of "how I was about to cry over a band"

All the mindfuck and finally we get something :D

I'm fucking psssyyyyccchhhheeeeeeeeedddddddddddd

OMG we're home. Mindfuck (kinda?) Over


feels like home.

at least it brought the MCRmy back together.

when will the mindfuck truly end though?