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Personality test

Hey everyone, how's it going?
Today at school I had a music exam, I think I did pretty well.
Other than that in one of my last classes of the day, our teacher wasn't in so we had a substitute. She told us about this website where you can take a personality test that will supposedly tell you more about yourself. She asked me if I'd like to take the test, and I said okay. She let me come up to her desk to use the computer. She set up the website for me and told me to answer the questions that came up honestly.

Favourite Bands

Hey everyone, I hope you've had a nice day.
Today I was thinking of making a post about all the band's I listen to.
I'm gonna start off by saying My Chemical Romance is my favourite band of all time. They're the first band I got into, they made me realise that I love music and my life has gotten so much better since I heard of them. I don't have a favourite song or album by them, I'm really indecisive when it comes to mcr, my opinions about their stuff change all the time.
A band I've been really into recently is Alkaline Trio. They're a punk band and all of their material is kinda dark.

Library printers suck

Hello everyone, I'd like like to offer my sympathy to anyone who's un-happy about Donald Trump becoming president of the U.S, it was terrible news to wake up to.
In less important news, I had a ridiculous experience at my local library today.
So earlier in the week, I was complaining that I don't have enough variety of posters in my room and that I don't have a poster of every one of my fave bands. I tried to order some online but there were some bands that just don't have posters for sale online for some reason.


Today was kinda uneventful. I have to get back into the habit of waking up early for school, now that the Halloween break is over. So I woke up around 7 and walked to school, which takes about 40 minutes. It seems like a long walk but I don't really mind. Most of the time the best part of my day is listening to music while walking to school.
Oh I live in Ireland, and I go to an all Irish school, which means that we have to speak Irish constantly, and anyone caught speaking English is punished. It's sort of annoying.
School was really boring today, as usual.
And it started lashing raining on


So I've never posted a blog here before, but I've been on this website before and I don't really know why I didn't think of posting things sooner. I just wanted to say hi, I'll probably be writing here pretty often if that's okay with the rest of you guys. My name's Hannah, and I'm a huge mcr fan (obviously). I think that's all I'll write for now, it's kinda late, I'll write more tomorrow and maybe make this a regular thing? I promise I'll be more interesting next time