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My chemical romance

I've been really upset about mcr lately. Just thinking about the music and the band makes me feel really sad, whenever I look at my posters of them I feel like crying. I guess I've always been so hopeful and that they'd get back together that I tried not to consider what it would be like if they never get back together.

Green Day Concert

Green Day are playing in Ireland this June. Tickets went onsale on Friday and I got two tickets. So I'm actually going to see Green Day next summer. I'm very very excited, I think I'm really lucky to get to go.
Other than that, we put up our christmas tree yesterday. It looks really pretty.
I'm super excited for Xmas. It's also my birthday pretty soon, so I have a lot to look forward to lately!
I hope you all had a nice weekend ;)


It's -1°C where I live right now. Maybe it will snow for Christmas this year...
Well anyway I've been really exhausted the past few days. It didn't help that yesterday I was up all night doing my friend's home-ec homework for her. It's the same friend who sits next to me in science class. She said she'd pay me €5 if I did her homework and I said ok cuz I couldn't have been bothered to say no at that stage. Then I realised she was behind on 5 weeks of homework. I did it for her anyway.
So since I was up late last night, I accidentally slept in this morning.

Too early for Xmas?

So November is almost over, and it's 27 days until Christmas Eve.I love Christmas, it's one of the few things I have to look forward to each year, and I always get really excited about it. Yesterday I put up a xmas countdown thing on my snapchat, and one of my friends were complaining that it's too early and I should wait till the first of December to get excited.
But I'm already kinda excited, I put up a mini christmas tree in my room roday, and I've been listening to christmas music all weekend.
So what do you guys think?

Haven't posted in a few days

It's been almost a week since my last post. I've just been kinda busy this week with homework and going out and stuff. I'll write a bit tomorrow probably.

Can't think of a title...

Hey guys, I hope you're having a nice weekend.
I kinda stayed in my room, reading all day. I just finished the book I was reading. It's called 'salem's lot' and it's a Stephen King novel about vampires. It's really good.
Oh and I listened to Remember the Laughter. I think it's awesome, really moving and unique. My favourite track is Hope for the World. What do you guys think about it?
Well that's basically all that happened to me today, except for that a few of my friends had a sleepover without me, so that was fun...
Bye for now


Hey! How's everyone doing?
I wanna say thank you to everyone who gave me advice on my last post, it was really helpful, I talked to my friend and we sorted everything out :)
Today after school me and a bunch of family members went out for dinner in a restaurant. The food was great and I had this death by chocolate thing for dessert. It was delicious.
This blog is kinda short but that's pretty much all that happened today.


So I have a friend who sits next to me in science class. Sometimes she asks me if she can copy my notes because she doesn't understand what we're doing in class, which I'm fine with, but last week we had a test, and she copied most of my answers without telling me. I don't really have a problem with this either, I know it's dishonest, but it's good to help out a friend, right?
Well we got the tests back today, and I got a lot of things wrong because I still haven't gotten a copy of the notes for the things that were on the test because I was absent.

"Wet Paint"

So my day at school was really boring. But I have a kind of funny story.
When I got home all the doors in my house were painted. So me and my brother had it drilled into our heads not to touch any of the doors because the paint was still wet.
Later on today, it was time for dinner and we were called downstairs. I came down and went into the kitchen. My brother came in after me, and put one of his hands right on the door. So now there's a big handprint on our kitchen door and my brother's hand is still covered in white paint.

Spam Filter?

So I just spent ages trying to upload a blog but it won't let me cuz I triggered the spam filter somehow.
Whatever. I hope you had a nice weekend,