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Imke Gr.'s blog

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... Not so good

Hey Fellas!
Hope you're doing well. I didn't have time to blog yesterday. Sorry. Maybe I'll blog every second day. I'll think about it. How was you day? And what time is it where you live while you're reading this? That would be very interesting for me. In Germany, it's 9:56 pm and it's the 21st september 2017. Unfortunately, my "audition" wasn't today. A lot of students were missing so we're gonna do it on Tuesday. I am so excited. What if they don't like my voice? Or my music taste? Or me? I'm so excited fur their reactions.
I saw one of my old classmates.

Friends and Auditions

Hey Fellas!
I am very sorry for not Blogging yesterday! But I couldn't. I wrote the blog and I wanted to post it but then it said that the spam is triggered and my blog won't be accepted. Do you know why? I can just write some stuff from yesterday. You remember the sarcastic guy? We were talking a lot yesterday. Then I was listening to my teacher while he sat next to me. Suddenly he put his arm around me. Like a friend. I was happy but I didn't know how to react so I didn't turn around to him. Did I do something wrong? Don't worry! I couldn't ever fall in love with him.

Be yourself

Hey Fellas!
I wanna get over that what happened last year. So I deleted the phone numbers of my old classmates and posted two pictures on my Instagram account for them. If you wanna read it: @imke.gr2002
Did I do the right thing? Did I do something wrong? I hope it's over now. I hate them. I hated them. And I will hate them forever. But I don't wanna think about it anymore. I learned so much at my old school. Don't be different. Don't be crazy. Don't wear different clothes. You have to use Make Up.

Who cares?

Hey Fellas!
Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I was really busy and I didn't feel so good. I hope this happens not so often.
I am happy. I am just happy right now. On Friday I went home with my bike after school together with two girls and one boy. I like them. The girls are cool and nice. They were also going to my old school and they had also problems with the people there. And the boy is very cool. His mother tongue is sarcasm and he is very popular in school. At first I thought he hates me but that was never true. While we were riding our bikes I turned on some music.

A normal day with some history

Hey Fellas!
My day was good. Well, it was a normal day. But I have to say that my "normal days" weren't so good like the way they are now. They were boring but know they're just fine. I wrote a german test today about short storys. I guess my German lessons ain't like the German lessons... In America for an example. When I think of american German lessons I think of vocabulary and some of this stuff. Like the English and the French lessons at my school. A girl of one of the other classes (also ninth grade) lend me a book about the D-Day.

A Great Way To Start The Day....Or Not...

Hey Fellas!
How are you today? I think I'm good. Today I was talking to two Girls of my class. They asked me why I am always alone and why I don't talk so much. I told them the truth. I'm afraid that I could say something wrong or do something strange. These Girls were soooooo nice. They said that it's okay if I say something stupid when I don't think so much about it. They said everybody is doing this someday and I don't even have to say something if I can't. And that's not usual. Yesterday I was texting a Boy in my class. He helped me all the time when I needed help.

My biggest dream in the world

Hey Fellas!
How is/was your day? In Germany it's 3:37 pm. My day started not so good. Usually I have to wake up at 6 am but today I slept until 6:30 am. And then there's my Project in English lessons. We have to make an ad which says that the People should save the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I didn't finish in time and that was a big Probleme. Finally I forgot to buy an exercise book for our german test on Friday. My teacher wanted to get These today. Oh man! Now I am listening to "Cancer" and thinking about my future and my biggest dream. My biggest dream in the world.


Hey Fellas!

I am sorry that I'm asking this way but could anyone tell me how to send requests? I'd like to do that and I hope you can help me. Please comment if you know how

Thank you!


Stupid People in School

Hey Fellas,
Now I am a part of the MCR Community and it feels good. I like reading other Blogs and leaving comments. It is cool that I can find People here who have the same tastes of Music. MCR!!! I go to a good german school and my classmates are very nice. They're helping me all the time because I'm new at our school. The school in Germany started five weeks ago. And I was going to another school last year. The people at this School were...They were not so nice. (Sorry about my bad grammar.