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Who’s with me?

Gonna obsessively reload the news page all day today. Of course I’m sane. Why would you think otherwise?


Guys, Gals, fellow emos in denial, the rest of you who moved on; THE TIME HAS COME!
It has been five years, five eternal years. Our beloved band has been apart for five years today. And so, it is time for us to fish out the band shirts, the jackets, the pins, the studded belts, the black hair dye, the white hair dye, the bright red hair dye; and cry over every single mention of the G note, sing out at the top of our lungs Andy proclaim that we are NOT OKAY!

G note WTF

I see everyone freaking out over the G Note. I get why they have such reactions, and it’s bloody hilarious when I go up to my friend and just play the opening of Welcome to the Black Parade and they freak out; but I just don’t really get why that song, that note, in particular. Yes it’s iconic, yes it IS heartbreaking, but personally I know of three more emotional, more soul crushing, and more tear jerking songs.
1) Cancer -my ultimate fave song by MyChem. It is really sweet and holds strong emotion. It is a short song, just like the lives of those suffering from Cancer.