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*gasps* adam!

long time no see
I turned 18 yesterday, got drunk, and proceeded to out myself to some not-that-close friends which is a bit of An Issue
I'm studying a double degree of law and science and it's nuts
I don't listen to MCR much compared to what I used to. That's okay.
Hope you guys are alright, I don't plan on really posting here much anymore.

I guess I feel empty more than anything? Like the whole time with my last school assembly, mass, and then graduation dinner, I didn't know how to feel. I recieved a cetificate of general excellence though! And a neat little medal. They award these certificates for "outstanding service and all-round controibution to college life" which was really nice. There was a sit down dinner and dancing and it was a really lovely night to end my time in high school. I promise I'm not that much of a freak, but I actually really enjoyed high school.

GET. IT. FRANK. MY. BOY. I have been given life and it's in those three sass-filled tweets. People say that the mona lisa is art but this is true art. Inspiring. Original. Never seen before. Thank you Frank. Can everyone shut up about reunions now. Thank you.

she got the job

Hi I'm screaming and also DYMOCKS NEWEST EMPLOYEE (it's a bookstore, I'm officially going to be paid to be an absolute nerd) eeeeeeek
Hope y'all are having an a-ok 2017

Happy new year

Once again failed to achieve my singular new year's resolution - to stop using my family as a failsafe against me acing on my suicidal tendencies, to stop using them as my sole reason to live. I set that in 2015, and I'm still working on it. These things take time and that's okay. Anyways, I wish you all a happy and safe new year, may it bring you happiness and courage to overcome any challenges (I believe in you!)
Flight x

Merry christmas from australia!

Wishing everyone a merry christmas, happy holidays, happy channukka, whatever you celebrate! Stay safe, have fun, and don't forget to relax!
Flight x

I have put off writing this post for so long for no apparent reason but this book is so amazing that you all deserve to know of it.

Basically, this is a very extensive and detailed (not authorised, but the members did give their blessings and assistance) biography of My Chemical Romance by Tom Bryant. The thing with this guy Tom is that he's a music journalist that first met MCR in 2004 and continued to interview and keep track of them for the entirety of the band's existence, and then some.

that awkward moment when you actually *have* to start growing up

I am realising how much I don't want to / am not ready to face adult life, or really just any of the responsibilities and challenges that getting older brings. I don't turn 18 for another year and a half, but between then I have so many decisions to make that actually matter. Things that I do now are starting to actually matter. I'm so scared.
Flight x

My brain nearly exploded but I finished my exams

Everyone is much more capable of achieving things what they think they are. I remember being so freaked out about year 11 (junior year) and seriously thought I wouldn't be able to pull through, at least grade-wise, and in the end it was not a very smooth ride at all, but I did it. I actually made it.
Six weeks break and I start my final year of high school (how the heck).
Hope you have a fab thanksgiving if you do that thing (I don't)
Flight x

When you have exams coming up and decide to start a new story

Hooly dooly it's been two months. I never got around to mentioning I have a wattpad @thegerardwaytoslay that currently consists of a poem about Gerard, a tøp oneshot, and frerard smut (yes, the asexual wrote something smutty) BUT more importantly I've started a proper story called PSYCHO (frerard) so if you wanna check that out go do?
I have exams in two weeks. RIP my sanity.
Hope y'all are doing okay x