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The Feelings Ive been feeling this week...

MCR was the cloud that took me away from everything. When I was having a bad day, I would turn on thier music and step on their cloud. This cloud took me far, and it changed me. Then, the cloud evaporated. I was left in the sky, falling. The world I had created came crashing down. Reality took a knife, and stabbed me in the chest, and tore my heart out. Leaving my heart an open wound, everything started going downhill.
I had failed miserably on two math tests and an assignment. A new language, that I dont speak, is being spoken in Science, and its called Chemistry.

Its Her Fault for leaving it on !

Hey, this is tessas little sister taryn hacking her account, check me out on youtube, search Taryn Jacy ,and i know that mcr is breaking up and i just wanted to say live in the past when it comes to mcr, and if i could thank them for insipring me in person, i would

Thank you, MCR, for everything, and farewell

this is going off on my other post, but seeing everyone elses blogs, made me think more about this. yes, its been my dream to meet MCR, and thank them to thier faces, not the internet, so, yeah it would be nice to know why they are breaking up and it would be nice if they went on a final tour, but if they don't want to, we have to accept that. Their music has left a mark on me that will never go away, and no other band will replace that.

Good-bye MCR

MCR, though you're dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on. I'll miss you so much, and thank you for saving me from all my depression. I would beg you not to go, but if it's what you want, then I support that. Bye. <3


you fall asleep listening to MCR and then you have a dream that you were taken away by Mikey and a was wierd........but awesome.

what mcr memeber are you??

turns out im like Frank :) not really like Mikey at all :(
oh well