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Fangirl_Queen_160's blog

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Please Stop This.

So a couple weeks ago, someone made a thing (idk how to describe it) saying that MCR had a new album or song coming out called Rebellion of Stolen Hearts. You should know, this is 100% fake. Whoever keeps doing things like this, if you read this, please, please stop. You're giving people false hope and breaking their hearts. It's really not okay. And I'm not even going to make a Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge joke here, because this is pretty serious. I have no control over you, and I respect that, but I think we would ALL appreciate if you would stop doing stuff like that.

I'm Bored...

Hi, guys! I haven't posted a blog in a while, but I'm sitting in study hall bored as hell right now, so why not. For those of you that have Wattpad, I'm going to posting the first chapter of a new story on Friday night/ really early Saturday. Like 1 or 2 am Eastern Pacific time. My account is the same as it is on here, Fangirl_Queen_160. Thanks, and see you guys later!

-Emma Varney-Matthews

A Huge Thanks To Gerard and Frank

I'm just feeling really low right now, dealing with depression, intense self loathing, and anxiety. I've been going through this for 4 or 5 years, and it's just getting worse as time goes on. i've talked to my parents, and they said they would get me counseling, but I've been waiting for a month, and they haven't made any efforts to get me an appointment. My boyfriend doesn't understand, so I can never go to him for help, and I can't express enough how much not only MCR, but Frank and Gerard's solo music has helped me through.