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Want to give me a title beginning with W in the comments? It will really help.

Welcome to my summary of my day. Let's start!
Last night: My friend told me that she had, in fact, told my crush that someone likes him but he kind of ignored her and went back to his conversation with someone else. I told her to try again, talking about today. She said will do. I was freaking out. Just ask G. I don't know how long I was holding the shift key on my iPad for. I'm gonna ask her how it went after this. Also I was annoying my friend.

Why don't you suggest titles starting with W?

I just do questions these days.
I'm in VMG. I didn't get chance to check talk this morning 'cause I was a bit slow getting changed so i had like 10 mins to eat my breakfast and pack my bag rather than like 15 mins.
My mum gave me a lift down so I managed to get to the bus stop on time. I have a massive hole in my tights currently because I was pulling the material a bit too much in Maths.

-Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide-

Why is this a question?

Title Done!

How's my day been? I'll have to answer quick as I have some homework due in tomorrow to do.

To the bus stop: I got a lift from my mum. Everyone was staring at my car again. MY MUM IS NOT A STALKER!

Bus: Fine

First lesson: English. Nothing much but in one class a student managed to make a teacher cry because the teacher had an allergic reaction the day before but didn't know what she was allergic to so one of the students asked 'can you die from that?' And the teacher went running out of the room crying.

Second lesson: Some people came in late because of another maths test that you

What about this title?

Title check!
I'm in VMG with Eleanor. I was writing more of my story last night. We are about to get our reports. I hope I do well. So desperate for some high grades and high effort grades. I'll talk about my report when I get home. I have just had English and Maths. Nothing much happened. Oh, I have my report!

What shall I call this blog?

There's the title! How has my day been?

Last night: I was drawing MCR in my A4 notebook. I drew Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank in their Black Parade outfits and I am currently drawing them in the revenge wear. I have only finished Gerard fully and Frank's head. I wrote a bit more of my story. What do I want to do next? Go into another chapter or carry on that chapter?

On the way to the bus stop: My mum gave me a lift down to the stop. She stopped at the end of the road and said ' I'm gonna change my shoes. I can't drive in these boots'. She was parked there for a bit.

Bus stop: My friends

Well, I got spotify!

Thanks DOA for that recommendation. I've currently got My Chem on shuffle. Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us is currently on. And it just ended when I finished that sentence. Now Party Poison is on. I am definitely using this more often!

Wind is still going

It's weaker but still enough to blow your skirt up. I still have to hold onto it. What has happened today?

Last night: M, you inspired me to write more of my book. I wrote one more chapter. I still haven't finished.
Bus: I am surprised the bus didn't break down this morning as whenever we went over a speed bump, the bus sounded like it had crashed into something. The other bus was in front of our bus today so if we did break down, they wouldn't be able to help us unless they stopped really far up the road.
First lesson: English. We had an assessment on Heroes by Robert Cormier.

Wind is so annoying!

Here, in England, it is currently really windy. I have to get off the bus and walk up the hill to my house and the wind was blowing around my skirt and I held it don't but that meant I could hold down my ponytail. That was going mad. I hate the wind. Anyway, let's talk about my day.
Bus to school: It decided to break down on the main road at the end of the hill. Why you may ask? Because the driver had picked up to many passengers so we were being weighed down. Luckily there is another school bus that comes the way that my bus goes. It just picked up students from other bus stops.

Wow, one whole month!

I have been signed up on this site since 31st of December 2015. I did know about this site before I signed up but I didn't sign up because of e-mail problems. I share some of my e-mails with my dad and he seems to get the e-mails before I do so sometimes he deletes them before I can see them.
Over this past month I have made many friends, you know who you are, and have recommended this site to one friend, who recommended it to a couple others. I have also taken lots of advice from other people including signing up to and some people recommended some music.

Why are they spamming me?

My Our Day Out group created a Facebook group chat and everyone is spamming it with lines from the play because someone said 'stay here' and that was one of the lines. I joined in on the spam! I love me a bit of spam, the food and the online type! I just played Trivial Pursuit with my mum and brother. After my brother won the game we took it in turns to pick out two cards, one answer card and one question card, and we had to slot the question into the question.