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Will write more later

I'm at school so...

Weather is... weird

Earlier there was frozen rain. Before that there was sun. Now there is snow. I won't be surprised if later it started raining and the sun is out at the same time. To be Frank, weather is hard to predict. It said it would rain on the news.

What has happened today? Not much. I don't have a valentine so I can't celebrate that. Knowing my luck I'll end up getting one next week, or maybe not. That has never happened before.

Had a carvery for lunch. The gammon looked white but I still ate it. It tasted like gammon so it was worth it.

Warm as... stood next to the heater

Yeah the temperature outside is not nice but at least I have many radiators in the house. I did my maths homework so that's all the homework I knew about out of the way.

This morning I got up at 7:30am for dancing. It was freezing in the car so my dad put on the 'bottom heaters' and it was nice and toasty in there. When I got to dancing it was quite quiet. I'm usually there quite early cause my dad doesn't like being late. It's better to be early than late. I'm usually there before most of the dance teachers.

Week off Day 5 - Mcr Breakdown

I only have the weekend left off school and then I'm back. At least my first lesson on Monday is Drama. Last night, before I had my electronics taken off my, my dad picked up a water gun and filled it up and firing water at me and my brother with it. My mum started complaining and ended up being squirted. I wish there was another water gun in the room as me and my brother could fight against my dad. It was lots of fun.

I've been asking a lot of question today and I don't know why. I was watching a live performance of Na Na Na from the end of 2010 and I was nearly in tears.

Week off Day 4 - I feel alone

I found out today that it's only my area that's out of school this week and other schools are off next week so it was weird being looked at by a load of strangers for not being in school. What has happened so far today? It's only so far because it's 2:02pm currently. I'm going to put Spotify on. I'll be back. Copy. Didn't have to paste. It saved. Desert Song is on.

I woke up to my alarm at 7am because I had to get to my grandparents before my parents sent off to work and my dad was rushing me. It wasn't as bad as the rush to get to my other grandparents on Monday.

Week off Day 3 - I've been watching YouTube all day.

Yep, typical me. It's 4:52pm and I'm still in my pjs from last night. I have mint green bottoms on with white and black flowers on them and a non matching pink top with a picture of a sunrise on it with palm trees on it. It says 'SLEEP' on it. On my feet I have some fluffy socks with cute pandas on them and I'm wearing a blue, fluffy night gown with an owl on the pocket. Yeah, I don't get changed during the weeks off. I only do if I'm going out somewhere. I got changed Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I do change into different pjs on a night, sometimes. I probably won't tonight. I'm comfy okay.

Week off. Day 2 - Should be doing homework

Yeah, I need to start my French and my maths and check for any other homework. I've been sat here on talk and here. I will probably move over to homework after this as most days I start my homework after lunch. It's currently quatre to 2 pm and I haven't had any food since 10am. I'm hungry. I better go down and ask for something to eat.

This is only a short one cause nothing much has happened. Oh my brother is home from playing out with friends whilst I'm still in a two piece onesie type thing that I slept in. It's comfy and warm okay

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Week off. Day 1 - Slowly breaking down.

It's so quiet online currently. I'm trying to find friends who are online but I've only found the odd one or two. I guess I can only talk to people who are off from school so my school, my brother's school and most of the schools in England. I guess also most of America is in school/work so most people aren't online. See I never recognise how quiet this website is during school hours until I'm off school.

I have all of next week, well you could count it as this week, off of school so I won't be with friends. All I will be doing is spending too much time on the Internet with my Chem on in the background. That's what I'm doing at he moment. I have I'm Not Okay on. It's one of the only my Chem songs my brother will listen. He likes songs with heavy drums in them, me and my dad like songs with heavy guitar in them, I also like songs on keyboard or piano and my mum I don't know. I would say she likes songs with good lyrics but she listens to Vampire Weekend and their lyrics make no sense.

Weather. Taken from vacant alleyWAYS on talk.

It was raining when I got home from dancing. I think it has stopped just let me look out of the window. I think it's stopped. I can't really tell. It could be spitting.

I can't really talk about my day as it's only... 11:53am so and I've only been awake for about 4 hours and 20 minutes. I woke up at around 7:30 am for dancing at 9. I'm so hungry. My dad will be getting KFC soon for lunch. Oh that could be him leave or getting ready to leave now. IM HUNGRY! CHARLOTTE WANTS FOOD! I'm always hungry to be ho... Frank.