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Why are Queen's English accents so cringe-worthy to me?

Not much has happened today cause it's only 10 to 4pm. I'll talk about the rest of yesterday.

After finishing my blog, I went onto talk and messages some people. At 2pm, I had to go out to dancing again because they were doing measuring for custom costumes for the show coming up. When I got dropped off there, I walked inside and the waiting room was packed. I managed to find some of my friends so I went and stood near them as there were no seats free. I was wearing my my chem shoes, a asdf movie/tomska shirt and my dan and phil hoodie.

Wait, is that Green Day?

My dad has a great taste of music. On the way home from dancing we have three songs on. The first one was Green Day, A Static Age. The second one was Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit. The last one was a song by Vintage Trouble I think. I didn't read what it said the song was so I don't know what it was. I think this is where I got my love of songs like this from. I mean we both love sounds with great and heavy guitar playing in them. I have a bit of my mum's music taste too. She likes songs with, I'd say with good lyrics but she listens to Vampire Weekend and their lyrics make no sense.

Waiting on the new bus

I had a really good name for this blog earlier but I forgot it so I'll name it at the end. Let's get into the day. Oh I've forgotten what lessons I had today. It's been one of these days where I have been yawning all day so I haven't been paying much attention to what order my lessons were in. Okay I have my timetable let's go!

Bus: Can't wait for the new bus. That was the title! Okay, I've filled it in. Yeah, it was really busy. I don't know how many people I was squishing by just being there. I don't know what is going to happen about this new bus.

Why? Oh... okay... I respect that :(

The title will come into play later (VMG)

Can I start this off by saying a message to M. The rest of you can skip to the next paragraph. Okay M, go look on my Watch out! Part 1 blog. You know the one where I was giving you a lesson on English currency. You'll be saying it wrong if you don't. We don't call them pences, we call them coins. Technically not only 'pences' are classed as coins. £1 and £2 coins exist. One 1p pieces are called pennies. Does that make more sense? I can carry on the 'lesson' if you want on another blog, that one or this blog if you want.

Watch out Part 2 - Spam filtering

Break: I was on my own for a bit at break cause it took me a bit of time to get changed back into my uniform from my pe kit. I went into the caf to find some people. I sat with Liv and Eli, we already have an E and an El, and then I found Sarah and Eleanor. I stayed with them and then we went to VMG. We were followed by Erin and Gabby and we stood outside our VMG until the bell rang. Gabby realised that her VMG was downstairs so she had to run to her VMG.

VMG: Replied to one comment. By the looks of it not many people saw my last blog. Oh well. It wasn't even a comment from my last blog.

Watch out! Part 1 - Spam triggering

That title is for something later. So let's talk about last night and today.

Last night: I've told some people about this. So last night I was walking into the living room and my foot turned onto its side whilst walking. I fell to the fall because the movement was quite quick. I hopped over to the sofa and my ankle was all sore. Let's say I've been limping since.

At school before lessons: When I got in the caf, everyone was in a semi circle with the wall being the flat edge. I went to the table where all my friends were sat and they were saying there was a spider on the wall.

Wait for full day summary!

It will be later. I forgot to mention why I was happy with being counted at the bus park yesterday. They are thinking about bringing a third bus down near where I live. That will mean that there won't be as many people stood up on the bus and there will be more seats free and you can expect to be able to get the bus everyday. It will just mean that the school will have to add another queueing area for a bus in the bus park for after school. I know not many people will read this as not many people read my first blog of the day. I won't put my ending as I'm running out of time.

Welcome to today's summary of the day

Title _/ (I can't make a tick so that will do... for now. It will annoy me by the end of the blog)
Let's get this show rolling!

When the bus arrived at the bus stop: The bus driver left about 20-25 students at the stop so they all had to walk to school. That included one of my friends and loads more people I knew.

When I got to school: In the bus park, the place the bus drops us off at, there was the school police officer and a person who was wearing a uniform that is worn by people high in control at the bus company.

With Eleanor

So happy she is allowed on her computer again so she can talk on here. I guess we can talk in real life. I have completely forgotten most of my day. I'll remember it when I do my blog on the day. There will be more crush drama cause today is the day that A has a lesson with him. Looking forward to it... not.

Well I'm home

Let's talk about my day/last night.

Last night: I was rereading my school planner to see if I had any homework and I found a homework that I hadn't done... and it was to buy a pop up book and bring it into school on the first day back. I was panicking 'cause we didn't have any pop up books at all so I was asking my friends for one and my mum was looking through all our old stuff to find one. None of my friends had any. By then all the shops had closed cause they close early on Sundays so guess what my dad agreed to do. I praise him for this.