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First lesson - Maths: The person sat across from me has moved down a set so we had a new person there. Guess who? My old best friend from Year 7. To be Frank, the only reason we aren't best friends anymore is cause she kind of left our friendship group and went to the popular group. Now the popular group has changed her. She's not afraid to talk back to teachers in a rude fashion. She's gone from a sweet, kind person to a bit of a bitchy one. That's what the popular group does to people. I'm never going into that group!
Second lesson - Pe: I was working with another person today.

Why are Tuesdays so boring?

Before lessons at school: My friend, I won't say his name, was pretending to do something that will get me trigger warned with a red pen. I felt so sorry for two people on the table cause they are active do-ers of this thing. I bet it was kind of mocking to them

First lesson - English: Got my target for the end of Year 9 and the end of Year 11. Now I got a target of a 6 for end of Year 9 and 8 for the end of Year 11. So that's about an A* by the end of Year 11. Yeah right.

Second lesson - Maths: Not much.

Break: Got a tiny piece of toast and cheese from my friend.

VMG: Came on here and read


First lesson - Drama: I've actually forgotten. Just wait, I need to get in my thinking position. We were put into groups and we had to use the 7 levels of tension in a certain situation. We were given a train crash situation and were given a level of tension each. We were a group of three rather than four like the rest of the groups so we had to have one less level of tension, and that one we missed was the only tension that wasn't panic so we were all running around in circles panicking in our group. Ha panic! . That's what I was doing most of the day.
Second lesson - Science: Got back our

What if mcr was called Ray and the Ways?

The other day I was wondering what it would have been like for the band to come up with a name... and I kinda created a play scene out of the idea. It ends on a cliffhanger so if you want more I can get writing.

Setting: In a echoing, grey room. Maybe in Matt's attic

Characters: Ray Toro, Gerard Way, Mikey Way and Matt Pelissier

Characters actions: The group are all sat on fold up chairs in a circle, in the middle of the room. There is either a whiteboard next to Gerard or he is holding a clipboard and a pen. The stage should be only lit from the ceiling, with a limelight on the characters.

Why was there no blog yesterday?

I'm lazy. ⬇️⬇️

Okay I just did that so it looks really short but yet again that will scare some people off. The actual reason is I was doing homework all day and one of them was really stressful so all I wanted to do was watch YouTube videos and chat with some people. Yeah I was chatting with G on Instagram most of the day. That's why I may have been a bit quiet on talk yesterday. My French hw wasn't too big... it was the task we were told to do after that was stressful.

Will this month really be the month of Romance/Love?

Let's go. Oh why do I start my blogs like this? I find it cringier each time I put it. What happened today? I've been really forgetful all of today. Let's just leave out the bus cause I've forgotten all of this morning.

First lesson - Maths: Wait I'll be back. Got to screenshot some thing. Done. Forgot what happened in maths. I guess not much. See this is why I write down quotes from the day in my planner. Or else I'll forget.
Second lesson - English: My teacher said we have been repeating everything cause 'no one gets it'. We all get it. Just do a survey with the class to see who gets it.

Woah... Got to go. Heavily edited!

Whole thing in the comments. Spam filter is such a b****

Wrist is in pain :(

Let's get going. There's a lot to say!

Bus stop: Loads of people were trying to get on the creepy bus so the school police officer told them all off so only a couple got on that bus. Everyone was talking about the people who got on the creepy bus. It was funny. Oh and watch out for the engulfing of the sun by a certain person who got on the creepy bus.

Before first lesson: Sat in the caf on the normal before school table. I saw my crush, C, sat in the same seat as me just two tables ahead. I was freaking out inside.

First lesson: Maths. Not much.

White bus = Creepy bus Part 1 - Spam Filtering

I'll do the title at the end. Let's go!

Bus: They finally have the second bus. It can straight behind the other bus today... but it already has a nickname. The creepy bus because it isn't the same colour of our bus. It's white and according to someone, it's a really old design of bus that hasn't been used for years. It didn't have a proper sign on it to say what bus route it was. It just had the bus route on a piece of paper stool to the window. Yeah, I'm not getting that.

First lesson - English: Oh I've forgotten what it was that I was gonna write about. I'll just say miss is funny as


Why are some teachers like robots?

What a day. Let's talk about that. (GMM music starts playing, oh I'm such a fangirl)

First lesson - Drama: We were doing this technique called fluff. It's where you adjust something on a partner eg talk a piece of fluff off them or adjust their sleeves. The teacher said work with someone you are comfortable with so I picked Liv. Then there was a odd number in the class so the odd one out, S (I'll call him that), came and worked with us as a three. We did quite well to say we were the only three in the room.

Second lesson - Science: Boring.