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Why do tests exist?

I know why they exist they are just annoying. We have had quite a couple and we have a lot more to come : / That's why I've been quite quiet on here. Stress has been taking over and all I've wanted to do is talk to people privately. I've been on talk a lot along with to the end. This site has just been left. Sorry. Now, what can I talk about?

This week is the Sports Relief week so we have been celebrating it with Guides and school. If you don't know what Sports Relief is then just google it.

In Guides, we did a sports meeting where we did runs and skipping whilst wearing red and donating a

Walk around a bit. It will calm you down.

So the highlight of today was in French for once.

We walk into the classroom and it's boiling hot in there. Well before that, I looked across the corridor at the class there because that's where my crush was. I think he say me enter the room because he was near the window as I entered. The teacher came round and handed us sheets saying 'How to revise for your controlled assessment' in bold at the top. Well, I'm not prepared for a test that is literally 15% - 25% of my grade and the end of Year 10.

So I was panicking inside. Ha Panic. I'm currently listening to Let's Kill Tonight.

Why is my internet so slow?

Highlight of the day: To be Frank, not much has happened so don't be surprised if this turns into all of today.

There are some new nicknames for the creepy bus because... well I got on it today because it was the first bus to turn up. It was late at the time it turned up so all I wanted to do was get to school. According to the driver, they don't allow people to stand up on the bus because it is an old bus. You can tell it's an old bus because it has seat belts. It's more like a coach rather a bus. New designs don't have seatbelts and allow people to stand.

Who's side should I be on?

I've decided only to do blogs on the most interesting thing that happens to me. Wait that will mean I'll have no blogs on a weekend. Na, I couldn't not do a blog for more than two days. I'll just do whatever is in my head on a weekend. Now today's interesting thing is from lunch... for once. It also links isn't after school too so ill tell you when the switch is.

So it started as a typical Friday lunch time. I leave DT with Maddy to go get lunch. We accidentally walked around the long way to the car so we had to stand in a queue. We were at the front though.

Work stupid bell!

Whole thing in the comments cause I can't be bother with spam filter.

Ray and the Ways Part 2 - 'Let's just go with that name'

Gerard: (confusion) So you're saying we call our selves 'My Chemical Romance'
Mikey: You know after the Irvine Welsh novel, Ecstasy, Three Tales of Chemical Romance.
Matt: Yeah but we make music not books...
Mikey: And...
Ray: I'm fine with that name; has a bit of a ring to it.
Matt: (Mumbling quietly against Ray) It's better than your suggestion
Gerard: (Giggling) Ha, feel the burn!
Ray: (Shouting) Ray and the Ways was a good suggestion! (Sweetly) Wasn't it Mikey?
Mikey: (Puts his hands up) Hey, leave me out of this fight. All I've done is giving an idea.
Gerard: Let's just go with that name


Kerrang has just released the cover art for tomorrow's magazine on their website and it says it has My Chemical Romance posters in it!!!!! That's two good things in one. The electric century album and my chem posters!!! I'm just spamming my friends with the link. They don't care but I do!!!!

Sorry about all the explanation marks I'm just so excited to get it tomorrow!!!!! I'm gonna ask my dad to buy it after work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll put the link in the comments

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

What can I talk about?

I'll just talk about my day seen as I don't really have anything else to talk about. I'll just go upstairs first. I'm upstairs. Let's start!

Bus: I wasn't really talking to anyone but my friends were around talking about the weirdest of things. At one point the bus went completely silent because my friend with no inside sound shouted 'That's not how gay sex works'. Aren't I happy I wasn't in that conversation?

First lesson - Drama: A wasn't here today so it was quiet. I'll have to message her to see if she's okay. Anyway we got put into random pairs and had to act out a scene.

What should I do?

I've set myself a late New Years resolution to try to meet as many people I want to meet whether that be celebs or youtuber or even just my friends out of school. Now the reason I've done this is because I always feel like I've missed out of things when I see other fans meeting their idols or my friends hanging out outside of school and I just couldn't be bothered going out. I just feel left out.

Now the only reason I never have met any celebs or youtubers is because I have a tiny fear of big events and meeting other fans. That's surprising to hear when I'm on sites like this.

Why no blog yesterday?

I had homework to do and then afterwards I was talking to G and A on Instagram because they were online.

Quick update: A is telling my crush some clues as to who it is. I got asked out by some Year 8, so the year below me. I said no cause he reminds me of my brother. I was making mcr jokes in Drama cause we were doing about war and me and a fellow killjoy were laying on the floor dead. It was snowing when I woke up this morning. We still have snow around but it has stopped now