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Well I must be tall

Haven't had a blog since Tuesday because all my blogs are repeats of the previous ones. I was gonna make one on Friday but it would be just a crush one but I don't want to be know as the girl who is addicted to her crush so I didn't. All that happened was at lunch it was just our year group so I could see him easier and then in Quad, he either looking at me or my friend but I could tell he was looking in our direction because he was about a metre or two away so yeah. My friend was freaking out because someone sprayed her with boy's deodorant but my crush wasn't looking straight at her though.

Window seats are good :3

Fourth time lucky. I kept clicking off by mistake. Not much has happened today so I'll talk about the interesting stuff. French: As I was walking into the classroom, looking into my crush's classroom across the hallway, the teacher was sitting people in new seats. Now I don't usually mind where I sit but I hope I'm not sat where I am for the reason I was thinking of. So I'm not sat on the table right at the back. There is meant to be four people on the table but there is just two of us. Now I wouldn't mind that if it was someone that would actually talk to me.

Wait... I have friends?

I've been spending most of my time messaging people on Talk and To The End, oh and Twitter, so I didn't make a blog yesterday. Not much happened yesterday anyway so I'll make a blog tonight.

~Charlotte, Charlottie~


A bit late, because it's already the 10th for me but happy birthday Gee!

Why was that test so easy?

We had a test in French and it was easy as to say that it's worth 15% of our grade.
Just a reminder, I try to reply to every comment so if you do comment on my posts, check back the day after for a reply. It's nice to see a load of new faces on this site and I'd like to make some new friends.
So let's go through the day, if I can remember it XD.
Bus: Some of my friends have started walking to school rather than getting the bus so the bus stop was nearly empty. The bus was still full.
At school before lessons: Sat on the usual table, it's definitely not because my crush sits on the table


Well I haven't posted since 22nd of March and I haven't had much to talk about anyway so if I did post it would of just been like one word blogs. Let's talk about stuff.

This morning, before school, I left my friend in the cafeteria without telling her where I went. When I came back to the cafe she was sat on a table with one of my friends. The bell was about to ring and we stood up and so did the table behind us. Guess who was on that table? My crush and one of his friends. Anyway so we stood up and my friend said to the other guy 'Oh it's okay now!

When I get involved in something, I mean I get really involved

I think Instagram is fed up of me spamming March 22nd stuff. Already today I've posted 27 posts and 9 of them are videos. Some to do with my chem and some just to do with me. I privated my account again because I got floods of followers that I blocked.

Surprisingly I've only posted once on my fan account on tumblr. My Instagram is a personal account. So yeah. I've just left Instagram for now. I'll watch YouTube clips

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~


So its March 22nd for me and im already 'celebrating' at quatre past midnight by listening to bullets. Wait why has the live version of The Ghost of You come on when im listening to Bullets?

Wait, it's official. I hate March!

I've just realised how bad this March has been for me being a Eddsworld fan and a killjoy.

To start off, let's get the simple one out of the way. March 22nd. I believe there are people 'celebrating' that right now. I have about Hm 7 hours until March 22nd. There's one thing. To be Frank, that's the only My Chem thing on my calendar for March.

Now let's get into Eddsworld. To start off, 4 years ago on the 25th of March, Edd Gould died from leukaemia. He was the 'star of the show' as some may say. He was the animator and a voice actor for his character, Edd. What else?

Why do all good things have to end?

So I'm not in a happy mood right now because I've only just taken into realisation that all good things have to end. Why? Surprisingly it's not a mcr thing although that does link into it. It's my favourite YouTube channel. Now my favourite YouTube channel is Eddsworld. You may have heard of it or you may have not but please stick around whilst I tell my tale. So I've been a fan for a while but if you haven't read my bio on here it says 'I've never felt so guilty to miss out on something. Wait... I missed out on Eddsworld.