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Why I don't reply to other blogs

I usually check here at school and for some reason, the school has blocked the community section but nothing else on the site. The way me and Eleanor log in on here is by searching up my username plus So, if I ever get some free time (homework is annoying and I prefer to talk to people 1 to 1) I'll go through other blogs. Don't expect daily replies to your blogs, just expect daily blogs and replies to comments on my blogs seen as I have time in VMG to reply to comments plus blogging!

What a surprise!

So a while back, I siad that my new year's resolution is to go to a concert or convention this year. Well I may be going to two. A Pierce the Veil concert (I hear a fangirling Eleanor) and Insomnia (games convention). I have asked to go to three others but 1. Panic! At The Disco sold out too quick. 2. Andy Black's concert I was too young for and 3. My dad wouldn't let me go to a comic con in London.

Well, it's been a while

I haven't had much to talk about but complaints and other things! So I'll try to start blogging again tonight, if I have time XD.

What I have in common with my friends!

Thursday lunch time. PE was just round the corner both metaphorically and physically. I was walking into Quad with a load of friends. I start humming Mr Brightside by The Killers. One of my friends hears me and joins in, then another, and another. It started a chain reaction until everyone in the circle was singing it. The fun was ruined by the outsiders of the circle. They asked sarcastically 'Oh are you singing? So nice!'. My friends stopped singing but I continued on but quietly.

Wait, I was last on here in April XD

I'll make a quick blog to tell you that I'll try to blog more in the future. I've just been neglecting these sites over the past couple of days and I really wish I wasn't because I use these to remember good moments from my life. I did have a diary but I filled it and I haven't had the chance to get another yet. Maybe this weekend cause I may ask to go and get some stuff then. Anyway I'll talk to you all soon! XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx
~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Wow! I need to praise my family

On Wednesday, I realised how much my family do for me because of a video to do with a bad son and mother relationship. I mean seriously I take most of the stuff they do for granted and I wish I didn't. Here is an example from most of my families that I am so thankful for:

Dad - Went out at midnight to a store to see if they had something that I needed for my homework that was due in THAT DAY
Mum - She always cleans the house and I never help out. Whenever she cleans my room, I just sit on my and watch YouTube videos or listen to music
Brother - Max puts up with all my thoughts.

Why was English so dark?

Day.. Day.. Day! LET'S GO!

First lesson - Drama: We had a supply teacher and we were in a different room. No one was doing the work. I was drawing on whiteboards in the corner with my friends. Some people I knew were crying because of something they had happened before school. Someone was crying because her group wasn't paying attention and the rest of the class was just sat or running around the room. By the Way, we are all teenagers and not toddlers XD
Second lesson - Science: So we have a concequence system at our school where you have c1 - c6 Permo. C1 to C3 are warnings.

Waiting for Monday

So I was talking with my friend on Friday at lunch and she noticed I was smiling and she asked why. I told her it was because I could see my crush. She asked who it were and I said I would tell her online later on in the day because it was a very busy area we were in. So I got home and messaged her online and told her who it was. She said that she'd never seen me talking to him and I told her about how we don't really talk because we are acquaintances rather than friends and she offered to sort of introduce us because she is friends with him.

Weird day. I am weird though XD

Day, day, day! Let's go

First lesson - English: The computer broke for the first 10 minutes of the lesson so we just chatted. Nothing else.
Second lesson - Maths: So for some reason, people were asking others what their dads are called. Now they were doing this was because they were trying to find people with dads that have names that are really typical, like the first thing that comes to your head type names, so they could made a band out of them names 'The' [insert the town I live in] 'Dads'. So my dad has a typical name so when I said my dad's name, they laughed and added him to the list.

Well, I feel like I have a problem

At guides tonight, we were watching clips from an event that one of our young leaders went to in Japan. Now it was a really big event and I mean really big. I don't remember how many people went but it was in the thousands somewhere like 20,000 maybe? I don't know. Anyway so there was a clip that showed the area that they camped in and it was massive and then there were the clips of the people that went... and I sort of had a mini panic attack. I don't know why. I guess it was because of such a large thing and maybe it was just too many people or the fact that the event was so large.