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What's going on? Someone help

So seen as everyone has been talking about it I signed up to talk.mcrmy but the only problem is I'm stuck in verification mode because I haven't received an e-mail yet. I changed my e-mail several time just incase it was just that e-mail. I can log in to the account I just can't do anything. Do you think I'll need to sign up again or does anyone have any tips for me to verify my account.

~Charlotte or Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Why hello! Try 2. Part 2

~Currently on my IPad~
~Charlotte or Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~
~Sorry about it being in two part. It kept telling me it was spam and I had to cut out a giant mcr pun section due to it and I wanted to have at least one thing to post so I posted that first part and I've had to work on this second part~

Why hello? Try 2. Part 1 cause it's too long

I accidentally deleted my last blog so let's try again. My phone ran out of charge last night so I didn't get time to comment in everyone's blog. I apologise and I will charge my phone later on so I can reply to comments. I tried to post a blog at school but the bell was about to go so I gave up. All I said was I think my maths teacher likes mcr because today's character in maths was called Bob. I'm still waiting for Ray, Mikey and of course Gerard.
So what's happened since then?

Why don't I make this a tradition? Every blog starts with a W!

Just incase anyone misses any of these I thought I'd make a blog about it. Here are some of my accounts for you to find:
Youtube: onlyforsubsandcommenting
I don't post vids as the name implies.
Instagram: charbarmanning
My account is on private and I mainly just block anyone that appears that I don't know so if you find it send me a message saying 'im ___ from' and what I usually do is take a screenshot of this account on here and send it to the person just cause I remember people on here from their profile pics.

Why am I on here at school?

Cause i can be. Just had a lesson where there was a character in a book called Gerald. I kept writing Gerard and had to cross out the extra r and replace it with a l. In maths there was a question where one of the characters was Frank and evrytime i put Frank, I put Iero underneath. What's next? Double Drama! YAH!
-Charlotte or Cha Cha Slide or Charlottie or anything else-

Why do all my blog posts start with W?

Hi, it has been a casual day for me. Got home from school. Went on to Instagram. Took over 30 screenshots. Went on to YouTube. Took another 5 screenshots. Realised I have homework. Did homework as quick as possible. Couple hours later I find myself on here refreshing the site to see who has been online. And that's where I am now. Just sat here replying to blogs occasionally. Making typos everywhere. Getting a cheesy joke stuck in my head. Yeah the usual day.

Wait, it wasn't normal. My brother can home from school and told me he had I'm not okay stuck in his head.

Why do I always get 7 comments on my blogs?

Hi, I have just spent nearly all of my time at home on instagram. You do not have a clue how many mcr fan accounts I follow. I can't get through one day of posts without at least 13 pics of Gerard, 12 pics of Frank, 5 pics of Mikey and like 3 pics of Ray. It is currently 10pm in the UK and I'm sat here typing out about mcr. So typical of me.

To be Frank, ha get it, this website is just one of the things that makes me want to get home everyday as I feel like I'm happier when I can make cheesy puns without my friends face-palming or telling me off for talking about my favourite band too much.

Weird things I do/say to do with My Chemical Romance

1. Whenever I say a sentence with the word 'Way' in it, I stop mid-sentence and say 'Ha, Way'. Sometimes I carry on the sentence and other time I freeze and think of Gerard and Mikey
2. I say 'To be Frank' rather than 'To be honest'
3. I have too many friends that say 'Kill me now'. After they say that I say 'As soon as I get my gun'
4. Whenever we play a game to do with death at school or at a club, before I die I say either 'We'll carry on', 'So long and goodnight' or 'I'm Dead (Explanation mark)' and many more song lyrics
5. Whenever there is some sort of reference to My Chem in any

What I do late at night/ early in the morning

So one night, I was not too tired and full of Mcr puns so I decided that in a group chat on Instagram that I would... well... talk to myself as no one was online at the time. I created a large conversation with me just making very cheesy jokes about My Chemical Romance. The day after, my friends see the large amount of messages on the group chat and just message back saying WTF? See, they aren't big fans of mcr so they didn't have a clue what the references were so I decided to do it again the night after but this time with Gerard Way being the focus of the cheesy jokes.