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What I forgot to mention!

In Drama, I managed to torture my friend who hates mcr. We had to pick music for our performances and it had to fit what we were doing. I picked Welcome to the Black Parade for our group because it consistently says 'we'll carry on' and our performances were about a life or death situation. Anyway so we had a supply teacher/ substitute teacher for all the people that call them that. The supply told us we could put on our music for our performances and the guy who hates mcr was sat at our teacher's desk doing his homework which he should have done a week ago.

What am I up to?

In vmg with the one and only Eleanor! I kinda copied her starter 'cause I can. Just had Drama and Science. I brought a costume for my drama club after school to find out that the teacher who runs the club isn't even here today. Got to carry around a large Sainsburys bag around with me ALL DAY! So annoying. Anyway, I have double DT Graphics next. 2 hours of making pop-up books. It's actually not as boring as it seems. I'll post another blog tonight!

Welcome home me!

Got back from my grandmas. Anyway where did I leave off? Oh yeah!

Saturday - Had McDonalds for lunch rather than the usual, KFC. That was only because my dad and brother don't really like McDonalds. They got home at like 3pm with the new car. Looks okay. Outside is okay. Inside is okay. It's a okay from me. My dad left for work at like either 5 or 6 or 7pm whilst I were sat up in my room doing my French homework with my music playlist on in the background. To be Frank, I'd already finished my French homework and was listening to music.

When will I post blogs?

. Probably every week day
. Depends on weekends
. Not on a night anymore- I've had my phone taken off me

What has happened:

Friday - After the blog - I went to the party in nearly all merch. My chem shoes, Tomska I like trains top, Dan and phil hoodie. I didn't really enjoy myself but that's probably because I lived up to the name 'Killjoy'. I was sat in the corner I nicknamed 'The anti-social corner' and spent £20 of credit on listening to music on YouTube as there wasn't any WiFi so I had to use mobile data.

Why hasn't there been a blog in a couple of days?

. I was in assembly instead of VMG on Wednesday
. It took sir about ten minutes to get to VMG on Thursday, so yesterday
. My phone has been low on charge and has died a lot
. My phone was taken off me last night
. We had a presentation in VMG today so the computer were not to be touched
. I am really forgetful

Now I have got that out of the way, hello. What's happened to me over the past days. Not much to be frank. The automatic doors for some of the facilities at school aren't working like the gym and the main entrance for the new performing arts block.

Will you help me?

If you don't know I have Tumblr now, G has followed me, but I don't know what I'm doing on there so I've just got everything at default atm. Well, I have done my profile pic, bio and I have posted a gif of Frank but that's it. Tell me how to make my acount stand out from the crowd and just look better than the default. As I put on the caption 'TELL ME YOUR TRICKS'

Wait, there's two blogs in the space of an hour?

I was reading throught comments on Welcome to the Eleanor Parade's blogs and thought I would answer some questions that she hasn't answered very well. No offence Eleanor. You know what I'm like, always having to finish off everything.

1· Me and Eleanor are both from Uk and we actually grew up together. That's why we are always joking with each other.

2· Vmg is basically form. If you don't know what form is then let me tell you. It is a class at school that you go to everyday.

What a day!

I got home from school at like 3 o clock to find my parents sat in livingroom and they kept staring at this parcel on the sofa. Finally I realised that my shoes from Etsy had arrived. I straight away went to put them on and they fit perfectly whilst wearing my thin school tights. I then went to my room to get changed so I could see how my shoes looked with my everyday outfit. My fan-made Dan and Phil jacket along with a Dan and Phil cartoon top (official merch) and just a pair of skinny jeans. They looked perfect with my outfit I kept them on.

What else happened? Oh yeah!

What's up guys!

I'm sat in VMG with Welcome to the Eleanor Parade (She has explained what it is) . We are both on-line at the moment. I just had maths and only just realised how many song lyrics I have written on my calculator. TOO MANY! I need to pull myself together sometimes.
I'm just listening to Eleanor and Sarah laughing at Sarah repeating everything Eleanor writes. I'll finish now or this will never get posted.


I ordered this pair of mcr shoes from on Christmas Day. The creator said that it would talk them about two to three weeks to hand paint them and when they are ready, they would sent us a message saying they are being dispatched. We got the message. I CAN'T WAIT! I have been worrying that my feet would grow before they came so I've been wearing tighter shoes to try and keep my feet the same size. They have The Black Parade on one side and Danger Days on the other. If your wondering who has hand painted them well all credit goes to Eleanorsplace on Etsy. I spent £45 on them.