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What a great show! No nerves Part 5- Spam filtering

I wanted to stay on and repeat the whole thing again but we were only performing it to a proper audience once. I had adrenaline just rushing through my veins. I wanted it to carry on. I wanted to be with the people in the drama part of the show again and again and again especially when at our school you can actually never meet some of the students again. I do have another show coming up but it is a dance show out of school. It is in March and we are preparing for it now. I just learnt some new parts for my Tap dance and my Ballet dance today and I just paid for my costumes.

I'm overhearing my

What a great show! No nerves Part 4-Spam Filtering

We go on, we bow, the next group come out. When the last group came out, the singing started and we sang 'Rise up, rise up, rise up, rise up, rise uuuuuuup to the sky!' and repeated that section either 3 or 4 times then we stopped and stopped the hand movements. The band started playing the ending of the song and the second ended we put our hand back up in the area. I heard a ice van. Never mind that Charlotte; you are writing a blog. We were told we weren't allowed to put our hands back down until the black-out.

What a great show! No nerves Part 3- Spam filtering

some food from just outside the drama office. I just I Don't Love You stood in my head then and I remembered some of the lines I always forget. Back to drama! After the interval, it was Dance that was on first then I think choir no Stage Combat, I didn't know the order off by heart. Our Day Out was on near the end of Act 2. That went really well. I really enjoyed it and I wanted to perform it again. I don't think anything went wrong in that from the parts I saw. I had to face the back for a section of it that sometimes goes wrong. I didn't want it to end.

What a great show! No nerves Part 2- Spam filtering

I have some sandwiches before I set off in my Macbeth costume. It was freezing outside and all I had on was a black subject t-shirt and a thin pair of leggings. I quickly got my blue hoodie out of my bag from my other costume and put in on over the top. I was considering wearing my jeans over the top but that would have taken too long to take off.

When we got to school, my mum dropped us off near reception and we walked to the new block . We were talking about who would have been the first person to turn up.

Just got back from my dance classes; I think it's time for a blog.
The show last night was amazing. Let me tell you what happened in order from writing my last blog to now.

Okay so after I finished my blog yesterday, I packed my bag with my Out Day Out costume, water bottle, deodorant, hair brush and that was it. No phone, no make-up because I am too fabulous for it. Na, I'm kidding! I don't like to wear it. Makes me look like a different person. I want to be myself. I had nothing to entertain me because I thought we would be allowed on the computer again.

We haven't done the show yet!

I have two hours at home before I return to school for a 2 hour rehearsal and then the big thing! I am so excited. Time to write a blog! So what has happened today at school:
First lesson, second lesson, break, third lesson, fourth lesson, fifth lesson: Drama or in the Performing Arts/New Block. Yeah I spent all day in the new arts block apart from lunch. Then I were in the cafeteria also known as the 'caf'. It sounds like that but I don't know how you spell it. For lunch I had a tuna and cucumber sandwich as they ran out of crispy chicken pieces in barbecue sauce.

Well it has been a long day but not as long as yesterday!

So much has happened today. In VMG I didn't get chance to write much about the couple of hours of my day. I just said 'I'll do a full summary later'
Before school: On the bus. The bus broke down just 2 minutes away from the school. Yeah at least we didn't have to walk far. At least we broke down near the school with lots of time to spare. The last couple of times the bus has broken down we have been closer to my house than the school. The first time it broke down we where stuck on the bus for an hour and were about half an hour late. We started just running up and down the bus.

What is going on today?

Hi, I'm in VMG with Eleanor! Today I have had English and Maths. I have double drama next then lunch and after that PE. Then I have to stay after school for 3 hours because of rehearsals again. At least I get out of all lessons tomorrow because of the performance. It is called Arrival. Wait that means I have no VMG tomorrow I don't think. =(
Ah well, I talk to you went I get home today and tomorrow. At least I get to leave tomorrow at 2:30pm tomorrow but I have to return at 5pm!

-Charlotte,Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide-

Well, this is a bit late

I've had such a busy day. I was going to blog in VMG but for some reason the class that had been in our room before had left themselves logged in and we couldn't unlock them. There was only one computer free so I, being the kind person that I am *definitely not lying there* gave it to Eleanor because she spend all day talking about posting her blog. Then I was going to post one when I got home from school but then realised that I had to stay after school for four hours because of rehearsals for this arts show we are doing on Friday. That finished at 6:30pm and I have Girl Guides at 6:45pm.

What happened at school today?

First lesson - English. We finished this book called Heroes by Robert Cormier. I recommend it. I really do get into books and I really want to know what happens to the characters after the book. I wish there was a part two.
Second lesson - Maths. We had another supply teacher. I tell you all the teachers are disappearing! We were told to sit in our seating plan but when I got into the room someone was already in my spot so I sat with my friends on a table near the window.