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Well, it's been a month

Hello! How much have I missed in a month. I've been forgetting to login to most things meaning I've been offline for quite a bit. I've been finding it hard to balance homework and studying with free time. Even when I've found free time, I've wasted it watching YouTube videos or playing the drums. Oh by the way, my brother got a drum kit for his birthday but I'm not sure who plays it the most, me or him. He's better than me because he takes drumming lessons and I don't. Anyway, I'm currently in a busy year at school so they are setting us lots of homework.

When things are good, something changes it

So it's been a couple of days. Now let's go into the highlights of the week so far.

1. The fire alarm went off on Monday 5 minutes before science finished. We went out to the Astro turf and had to stand ther for 20 minutes before they were sure that the school wasn't on fire. That meant that we missed out on my break. Luckily at my school, there are two breaktimes meaning I was put on late break along with everyone in the school.

Why does everything love-wise link together in some way?

I thought I'd start off by saying that I just love Living With Ghosts! If the songs on there were fully edited, I think I could of worked as its own proper album. At the moment, I'm only listening to my CD because I managed to break my new earphones by snapping of the left earphone wire. No joke, it snapped right off. They were only cheap temporary ones anyway. It just makes music sound weird without it because I have half the sounds. They only lasted a week or two and a bit. Now, on to the day.

Got the bus, got to school. My friend was on about asking someone out. Okay. First lesson, French.

Wow, I'm very repetitive

There is something I'm desperate to talk about but I don't want to get strangers online involved. I feel like if I tell anyone, it should be either the person involved or one of my friends at school because they would be better to sort this out. It's not anything bad so don't worry. It's also not anything you would be able to think up do don't try to guess what I'm on about. Anyway, onto the blog (that may be very short because not much has happened).

I got invited to a birthday party in October. It is a big deal because the person literally invited over 100 random people on Facebook.

Week one of school

I went back to school on the 7th (I think, the Wednesday) so I've had a full week of school so I've met all my teachers and classmates. I think I'm going to have a good year apart from like a few small things. I mean I have some nice teachers but some of them are known to become meaner as the year goes in. I mean I'm top set for maths and the teacher is treating us like little kids and giving us consequences for the silliest of things like asking for help etc. There are so many new teachers this year so about half of my timetable is filled with new teachers.

Well I loved Insomnia 58!

I od t want to go into too much detail or else I'll be here all day and this blog would be made up of 50 paragraphs. Anyway, on Monday I went to a large gaming event called Insomnia (this one was Insomnia 58 but they did miss out 13 so it's technically the 57th Insomnia). It was at Birmingham NEC so there was a lot of space to fill up with different panels and stalls about gaming.

Why I hate clothes shopping (well not fully)

My left hand is all numb from leaning on it for over 2 hours XD. Anyway, on to the blog! So yesterday (yesterday for me because it's 2:45am) I had to go clothes shopping with my mum, my brother and my dad because I needed school shoes (uniforms suck) and we all needed formal clothes for my grandparents' wedding anniversary event coming up in September. Now, I've been dreading this day since the event was arranged. I hate clothes shopping, especially with my family. (Be warned, I have a lot to say)

To start off, I'm the type of person that only ever keeps to one type is style.

Oh, I've got a headache. I shouldn't be looking at screens all day XD. Well I did get away from my iPad and my laptop and my phone etc when I went to my cousins' house. See, my auntie, uncle and one of my cousins have been on away on a cruise for the past two weeks (was it two weeks or three?). Anyway, my other cousin decided that he's too old for family trips away (I mean he is 18) and stayed at home.

Why I blog some days and not others

If you have seen my account, there have been blogs out day after day... And then a stop... Then they come back but every two to three days even though my profile bio says I post daily. I should really edit that. I just either have had a really busy day and I haven't had time to blog, I've have a really uneventful day with nothing to talk about or I've just lost motivation to make blogs.

I know how friendly this community is, so if I never get any comments (and I know this isn't always true but I've just had the negative in mind) I feel like no one has read it... I just go straight for that

Where has 2016 gone?

I went to both my grandparents for the days (today, well yesterday now, and yesterday, the day before that) because my parents were working. Oh I've though of something interesting. My cousin just got his A level results back today. Although we haven't heard fully what he got, we know he's passed all of his exams! Oh and he got a place in the college so my grandma was pleased. It's a shame my auntie and uncle couldn't be there to find out with him. They are currently on a cruise with my other cousin and don't come back for a couple of days.