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Been a few months since I've been on here

Hey people! How is everyone?

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't really posted since September 2017 in here (not counting my short "merry Christmas" post from December). It's because I started to realise that I used this website more like a private diary than a public blog and forgot that other people can read what I post. In order to combat that "diary writing" style, I just stopped posting blogs and began writing a proper diary. Actually one of my New Years resolutions for 2018 was to try to write a diary entry daily and so far I've managed to keep to it.

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and if I don't come online for another few months, have a happy new year!

Warm Fuzzy Feeling

I know this is the MCR site but I just thought I'd mention this because this band is in the same scene. I just finished watching teens react to Green Day and I just have a warm fuzzy feeling inside because of many reasons:

1. The teens were all really nice and no one said that they didn't like the music

2. They played songs that Green Day played live when I went to see them live in July and I was just getting random memories of how they performed some songs and of the catchphrases I left the show with.

Woah, there is activity!

Well seen as this place has got more activity, why not I post another blog post. That sentence seemed to make no sense at all. So how is everyone doing now? Good? I just answered the question for you. So let's write about my day!

Today wasn't a bad day. It wasn't like too out of the ordinary either (maybe tomorrow will be... We'll have to see). Got the bus, got to school. Had maths first... Alright lesson I guess.

Sorry about the weirdly long title. I was planning on writing this earlier on but I ended up going to my friend's house for a bit then when I got home I just didn't have much time. Earlier on the title was just gonna be 'what I thought to be an unlikely dream... Was more of a nightmare' but the situation has kinda funnelled down a bit now so I added the end part.

Right so. If you have read any of my vlogs from like idk 2016 some time, then you'll know that I've have a crush on this guy.

Whenever I log into accounts online

I like to edit the "about me section" usually a year or so after first creating it. I read that my about me section on here says 'I try to post here daily' or something along the lines of that. Lol no. I've just edited my about me section on too and added in some new bits and edited some out of date bits. It's cringeworthy but funny sometimes but oh well.

I start school again on Wednesday... Yay (sarcasm). Because UK secondary schools end at Year 11 (which is ages 15-16), it's my last year so it will be: Stressful, hard, routine, pressure.

Why Hello There!

I'm really bad at coming on here regularly!

So hi, I haven't made a post since May even though I can online like last month just to have a look at the site. Anyway so I turned 15 last month (hurray for being a decade and a half old!) and before that (at the start of July) I went to two concerts. The first one was Green Day on the 3/7/17 of July who was touring with Rancid. The second one was Blink-182 on the 5/7/17 of July who was touring with The Front Bottoms and Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. Both shows were amazing.

What have you been up to?

Hiya! I haven't been on since the start of this year but after spending about three hours listening to MCR son gs ans watching their music videos (nearly crying my eyes out to most of them) I felt compelled to come online. So how is everyone?

I've been quite busy studying for my exams. At least I've got two over and done with now! Just a few mocks and a two hour long Graphic Design one to go now so studying is key. At least I have a week off school now to relax... on holiday. We're going abroad for a bit od the week so that should be fun. Still, Ive got to take studying stuff with me.


Where has the year gone?

It's the end of 2016. I've got 5 minutes left till New Years Day! Oh and on NYE last year, I sign up to this site! This was probably the start of who I am today. Thank you to everyone I've talked to this year on here and other sites for making me a better person! I love you all, happy new year. I'm going to watch some fireworks!

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Welcome To My Life

I just thought I'd name this blog that because I'm listening to Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan but the Live In Japan version. It's beautiful. I need to see them live. Well there are going to Download Festival next year but my Dad wouldn't let me go to that when I'm only currently 14. Anyway, I should be happy I got tickets to see Blink-182 live next July.

So, school's out for Christmas. I can't wait! Only about 5 days left! I mean I already know some of the things I'm getting but there is always surprises. I hope I can get Super Mario Maker for 3DS, Pokemon Sun and Moon.