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Missed out on some good tickets for the Palladium show! I partied last night in Hollywood and didn't fall asleep until 4am. Didn't wake up til about 3pm lol Tickets aren't that great now. Oh, well. I'll go to the venue that day next year. They usually add a handful of pit tics on the concert date anyway. =) + on the bright side, I get to see the dudes LIVE this Monday at the House of Blues! w00t! Put on your gas mask, LA Killjoys. The boys are gonna contaminate the hell of this city.


Alright, Killjoys, I have a question for you. Now that you have undoubtedly listened to the new Danger Days album via Dr. Death Defying's radio transmission, which song do you love best in the sense that it is the most meaningful to you? I absolutely love The Kids From Yesterday. It takes all of my emotions and plays with them like a god damned guitar. It's safe to say that I'm requesting that song to be played at my funeral. It's so perfect for me. Hmmm....why not? While we're on the subject of funerals, which song would you want played at your funeral?

MCR Does Jimmy Kimmel With A Spiked Pleasure Tool

Or at least that's what I hear from recent posts lol I had to tickets reserved for myself and my girlfriend for that show. We ended up getting there about 20 minutes late because of the unavoidable LA traffic. Tried getting in, but the guards didn't let us in even though we had out ticket print outs. Douche bags. lul ok so we dished out PLAN B and went to the Hot Topic where a line was already developing. I didn't have a wristband because I pre-ordered Danger Days and bought the shirt at a Hot Topic near my home a good 50 miles from LA.

Thought This Was A Cool Interview Of Gerard and Lin Z

Savage beatings have been reported on the outskirts of Zone Four. Troops have been deployed, but have yet to make any arrests or gain any new information on the whereabouts of the gang suspected in the killing and dismembering of S/c/a/r/e/c/r/o/w Metropolitan.

Battery City has been seeing some sunshine these past few weeks. Ultra violet consumption is at an all time high, leaving the power drought a supposed thing of the past. So if youre thinking of heading to Wolfblood Beach this weekend, get an early start as experts are expecting record attendance.


It's such a beautiful song...I'm not one to cry much, but fuck this song really got to me. Had me crying like a kid again. I'm such a big softy =') It's definitely one of my favorites. I think I'll cry again when I hear it in concert next Monday. Really, truly is beautiful.

Danger Days Nears!

It's gonna be epic. I know it lol Can't wait until I get my hands on the album. Going to blast it on my drive to Hollywood for the House of Blues show. Still can't believe I'm going!!! Will probably be dressing like this along with these awesome shoes!

I made that gif btw lol You like?

Just Want To Share This Beautiful Song With You All

It's late. Everyone is in a pretty relaxed mood around this time I bet. Thought I should share this beautiful song. It...I'm not even sure to explain it....It's just beautiful....

Dudes, Myspace Is Making A Comeback

I always appreciated Myspace's encouragement of creativity and individuality through profile tweaking and I have to say, testing out their new layout makes love the site even more and reminds me why I made an account in the first place! I don't care if more people around the world use Facebook than Myspace. Facebook is completely void of creativity and makes me feel like just another sheep in the herd. So DULL and BORING!!!!!! And that whole thing about Facebook creating a revolutionary version of email. So what? It's just email.

Killjoy Masks

Just woke up and went into the kitchen and saw that there was a small package for me on the table. Totally thought it was the Killjoy masks, but the front had a KROQ sticker on it. I was totally like WTF haha inside was a Jack Johnson - To The Sea album. I guess I won that album giveaway from a while back haha so Funny. Going to give it a listen and tweet my thanks to KROQ. Still waiting on the MCR masks! Hope they come before the Hollywood concert on the 22nd! Anyone else going to that one???