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Smashing Pumpkins + My Chemical Romance = ?

You Can Tell That Smashing Pumpkin's Billy Corgan Has Been Talking With Gerard Way In This KROQ Interview from Almost Acoustic Christmas 2010. Billy even says so haha It's a great interview to refer to if you feel that MCR is going down hill (which is not the case. In fact, it's exactly the opposite.)

Just One Book

If you had to choose one book to carry around with you forever, which one would you choose and why? I’d choose Paper Towns by John Green. It's a very powerful book at least in my eyes. Arguably sadder than my second choice, Looking For Alaska by the same author. So, which one would you choose? =)


Whatever happened to the release of that song? Wasn't on the B-sides cd. Anyone know?

Almost Done Uploading...

I recorded the entire set of MCR at the House of Blues on Monday in HD. Only a few videos to go! Check them out here if you want =)


-Atomic Kilo

MCR B-Sides The Mad Gear and Missile Kid

Which one is your favorite??? I love them all, but Black Dragon Fighting Society is my favorite. God it had me head banging 3 seconds into the song =) I always hoped the guys would title one of their tracks Black Dragon Fighting Society and I'm so happy they did! I even used it as my Myspace user name for a long time haha So, yeah. Which one is your favorite?


Just a quick post. This is all the stuff I got at the fair behind the House of Blues show last night minus the posters. It was so fun! Haha They should do that for all the small venues. It's a real time killer until the show starts. I'm in the process of uploading an HD video of my night there which includes Frank Iero walking by me and part of Ricky Rebel, AKA Show Pony AKA the guy on roller blades in the NA NA NA video, dancing on stage just before the guys go on. I'll update this post once the video is done processing so check back within the hour to see it!


It was an awesome night at the House of Blues minus the occasional douchebag/baggette who tried to ruin everything by acting "hardcore". Did anyone see it on MTV? I was on the left side of the crowd. Wish the concert was a bit longer, but I understand it was short because it was televised. Such a great night! And they even had a Zones Carnival! =D I won a crap load of stuff and they even gave us all balloons =D haha I'll be uploading THE ENTIRE concert on my youtube channel in a bit one video at a time.

AK reporting in. ZONE UPDATE.

Transmitting this to any Killjoys in Zone 4. Stumbled upon a small oasis on the outskirts. Impossible, I know, but it's real. Looks safe, for now. No Dracs in sight. Come and fill up on H2O when you want. I'll be here. No funny shit or I'll ghost you faster than you can say Na Na Na. Atomic Kilo out.

Question About MCRs Shipping Method

My gf surprised me by ordering the Danger Days California 2019 edition for Xmas and apparently 2 of 3 items have shipped. Does anyone know which service the band store uses to deliver their merch? I would really love to track it. Also, which items from the bundle edition do you think have likely been shipped? I assume neither of the packages that are on the way contain the ray gun due to their defects, right? Any help from you guys would be awesome =)