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Hahaha getting into another RANT with a preppy kid on formspring is FUN

If you don't know already I can't stand preppy kids they are always hating on the kids who aren't the same as them, and then later on in life they want to become one of us, after all the torment they put us through.

So that is why i get into pointless Rants with people is because it's fun, the voices in my head told me to, and I have Bipolar.

Yay for pointless RANTS

What happend to the Vest from the Black Parade Album that you can buy??

I swear I saw those for sale some where and I Friggin want one

Random Question for everyone

What is your Favorite Punk goes Crunk song and why?

it has to be mainly screaming or Punk Rock through the entire song.

so if any one answers Framing Hanley doing a cover of Lollipop I will not except your answer they don't scream at all and it is not Punk Rock.

my favorite is I Set My Friends On Fire- Crank That Calvary Kid

because it makes fun of soulja boy so much and it sounds so much better when the person is screaming and the voice is distorted

than fast pasted and unable to tell if they are speaking American

Today was boring and LONG

I didn't even get to do anything i wanted to do today, so today pretty much sucked.



Well i was going to go play some paint gun wars but nobody would take me and the field closes at 8 P.M. EST.

and right now it is 7:13 P.M. EST.

that sucks you might say?

indeed it does.

now you might be asking why am I talking to myself?

the answer is I have a Split Personality.

so back to my story, i stood asleep until about 11 A.M. today cuz there was no point in waking up earlier, and I tend to wake up around 2 or 3 A.M.

idk what else to say now so ummmm


I got three friends I feel so special

Just got 3 Friends @ NOW from me.

*note* format is like twitter and face book AKA FAIL Book

New to the site

Just Joined the site. From me at 14 minutes ago or how ever long