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I said it now what are you going to do???


i wish I had some one who understood me

I'm depressed again

I'm going to eat dinner and go to bed

Help me out please

I have no idea if this may be Bulimia or not but I need help

ok here are the details of which my concern is

Anti Bipolar medicine, Anti Seizure medicine, Eating Disorder medicine with same characteristics as Anti Bipolar and Anti Seizure, but was used as a weight gain prevention and a Matabolizim stabalizer so I wouldn't constantly eat.

As of approximently 2 months ago I have been off the medicine, when my weight was at approximently

220 to 240 pounds

now my weight is at approximently 175-180 pounds

I have been eating less and less since the first day off the medicine, and I have been having

Depressed ish

I feel depressed so um leave me some stuff I am going to bed

So there is this girl I like

her name is Leslie, and she is like this super hot emo chick and she is at my school but she is too scared of all the guys cuz she thinks they wanna hurt her so IDK how to talk to her without her like getting me into shit at school


that's all I can think about is emo girls I want one so bad


any around atlanta georgia?

I am so lonely

does any one want to cheer up the emo-panda??


all alone with no one to call you there own


Sup kiddies?

hey everyone whats goin on????

hahahaha im on at school

I needs some people to talk toooooooooooooooo

hey everyone want to talk to me?

Approximentaly 26 friends now "I'M not a total loner anymore"

yay i got's friends

(Females Only) Quiz

What is your age?
what is your height?
wat is your eye color?
what is your hair color?
what is your weight?

What do you seek out in a guy?

what is the best part about yourself?

answers are based on what i like

*then you can ask me questions after you answer mine*