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BlueBurnsBlack's blog

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I'm here

hey everybody I am here so let the messages hit me here

WTf is with the profile thingy????!!!!

I can't put more pictures and what not

that is a NO BEANUO

oh nooooo

the title explains it all

I'm a Magical Panda Bear with SuperPowers

yeah I'm magical and i'm a panda bear


*runs around like an R- tarded person after having to much caffeine*

hi everybody

how goes it in the realm of earth tonight?

it goes well in the realms of darkness


well i'm freaking bored

but I you guys are cool so ima talk to you

Hi to all the kids out there

what goes out there in the worlds??

for me the worlds goes slowly.

ok other than that i'm bored and can't sleep like usual.

hi everyone

hey whats going on everyone?

i'm bored and home alone

Bleh my mind is scrambled up and I feel retarded

I cant think clearly right now?

am I stoned or am I drunk??

maybe I'm dead?

IDK it's really confuzing right now

im going to eat dinner then im coming back

anyone that is a "soldier" feel free to talk to me

once again I am truely sorry if it was deemed that i was insulting you

Ok forget that last Blog existed

ok look I wasn't trying to Insult anyone just trying to ask everyone what they where doing

sorry for making anyone pissed off