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I don't know what to write!

When I come to write a new blog I forget all the ideas in my head,it's frustrating . Well, now I know what I can write, All my thoughts, in this instant :) ....


Yesterday I went to my practice of soccer, and in a moment, the teacher said me: you have Clown's shoes ( WHATTT?) that's because you can't run with the ball very well , there are your shoes, not you...
Yes. He told me that, and I was wearing an old converse, but, what's wrong with him?


Okey, I'm with a friend, and we are doing some homework, At the same time we are watching TV and at the same time I am posting this blog well, I supose that the homework is in second place now, oh, FTW. Few hours ago, my cuttest friend gave me like a nice girl a candy, I obviously accepted, but It was a joke, the candy was very piquant, HOT. Im gonna kill her :D
My chemical romance RULES.


Yeeeeeeeeep, Happy Birthday Geeee , I hope you have an Awesome day with your friends and your family, you are a Great person :D xxo Bel.


I woke up 7 am in the morning, ---> coffee and milk and sweets :D

A very Important Thing

I'm eating sugar... SUGAR BABY!

The Other Me.

Pensando, soñando, volando e imaginando_:
En todo eso se basa la felicidad que a veces sentimos, al escuchar el sonido del viento, el sonido de la naturaleza: el sonido del silencio. Intento no quedarme y pensar en la cosas que no me hacen bien, solo quiero tener mas paz, y más paciencia para poder seguir con una vida como yo quiero Vivirla, Le pido a Dios que me ayude a continuar a pesar de las cosas malas alrededor. Raise your voice
every single time they try and shut your mouth!

Well, ME.

I'm sixteen years old, I'm from Argentina and Im a big fan of My Chemical Romance, I would like to know more fans cause i don't have many frieds that like mcr, so thats al for know, good luck, and Peace!