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4everMCRMY's blog

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OKAY! So my Gerard Way/MCR Bracelet came today and its.....Omg its............AMAZING :D so im in love with it and my saying now is, "i wear Gerard on my sleeve" hehe :P its beautiful and it has little charms and piccys on it so i can stare at his gorgeous face everyday now so i am one lucky killjoy, now im just begging my mum for a friken hoodie >.< <3 4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~


So I'm sleeping round the cousins tonight cause I'm going on a trip to Thorpe park with the school and you could probably already guess that my favorite part is gonna be listening to the amazing MCR on the coach aha :) really into house of wolves atm but im absolutely in love with all there song (<3 Helena) but anyways hope all you killjoys have a good nights sleep <3 4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~

Night Killjoys <3

just like to say good night to all you fabulous killjoys.... going to go to bed while listening to the guys that made me who i am <3 love ya MCR <3 4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~


Okay so my killjoy name is officially ~Tiger Trigger~
i picked this because im quite hyper and i liked the way it sounded.
Hope all u other killjoys like my name as much as i love all yours <3 4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~