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well i was on YouTube a second ago checking out Glee's version of Sing and the amount of arguments in the comments are ridiculous. things such as "MCR version is better" and u get where its going. lets put it this way people hate glee lol.

my comment was "Okay im a HUGE fan of MCR, i don't mind glee but im not really a fan. i was intrigued to see the difference between the two.


okay so the title is frekin random but whatever! >.<

So my days been pretty eventful. Was at my nans for the majority of the day and things went completely down hill when my cousin decided to go ape shit on all of us and what made it worse was that it was my other cousins 21st birthday what a ter-wat! anyways it resulted in me telling him to FUCK OFF and then he realized he did something wrong and ended up coming back and apologizing and in the end things were pretty good :) then went to the beach with my sister, her boyfriend and her mate to play crazy golf.

think ill end the night with a couple of insparation quotes <3

A Couple From Me <3
It’s better to be yourself and have no friends, than it is to be like your friends and have no self.

Life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you. Have fun and give them something to talk about.

Gerard <3 : "Its all about putting a big exclamation point at the end of your life!"

Frankie: "I think the worst thing you can do is to live your life and have the world be the exact same place it was before"

Little one for ray: “I just stuck my hand in a cupcake!”

and last but not least Mikey: “We all have very humble backgrounds and very geeky interests.”

Rumors Rumors Rumors Rumors.......

Okay so I have noticed a lot of annoying blogs about rumors of MCR! well im gonna add to that annoyingness. I don't have a clue what the rumor is and i don't really wanna get involved and then get accused of spreading a load of bull crap..... but im just gonna make a few pointers.

Let's say you have a piece of wood, a nail, and a hammer. Pretend the wood is a person, and the nail is a nasty rumor about that person. If you hammer in the nail, you're obviously hurting him or her. If you then pull out the nail-well, there's still a hole in the wood, and the damage has been done.

if you tell


okay right have you heard of the game SIMS?
if you don't know what it is you create characters, decorate your home and its like a proper virtual world except you don't go online.... and they have there on language called simlish....

i was just playing it, then my girl decided to turn on the stereo



This is a god damn game and NA NA NA came on!!!!!!!!!!
I was freaking out cause half the songs that come on the game are not even real but im telling you NA NA NA came on!

i did record it but im not sure how to covert it to the computer!



well today's been pretty wicked. went out with a couple of members of the family and the whole time we was out i was listening to MCR. went through my whole playlist lol. Its lovely to have better weather for a change haha, but i came home drenched in sweat which was not a good look for me haha (Gerard can get away with it <3) lol. anyways How's all you killjoy's days been!! comment or send me a message! 4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~

Happy International MCR day <3

okay so i know its taken me all friken day to post this but BOOM! happy MCR day <3 Like to say a massive thanks to MCR <3 without them i wouldn't be who i am today..... this sob story is probably the same for most of you but honestly MCR have changed my life and made me realize to never take any mother fuckers shit and to keep living every second like my last <3 So for me this started when my sister was about 16 (shes 22 now) listened to MCR and i would kinda listen in with her and since then i have always loved there music!


Okay so i was chatting with my cousin who is also insanely inlove with MCR! and i said to her "i think ive gone alittle overbord on images of MCR" and she was likee......"same i got like 150 pics now" and i was likee "Thats quite alot but i have a feeling i got a Tad more" so i decided to count my pics before i ended up getting more and would have to be sitting there forever counting them and it turned out that i had...................well lets put it this way it made 150 look like jack shit!

I had 594......... :/

4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~

Hi Guys :)

okay so im at my daddy's today chilling on the computer while listening to MCR <3 just thought ill post a blog im pretty boredd >.< Post a comment or chat to me, Cheers :) <3 4everMCRMY
~Tiger Trigger~


okay so my 6 weeks holiday has started and i know that most of it will consist of MCR haha, already know that i am going to thorpe park so that got me buzzing but yeah.........I will probably be sitting at home most days on the computer chillin with all you other killjoys and listening to MCR most of the time. Mum's already worried that im too obsessed, we will just have to wait how the 6 weeks end hahahaha :) okay chat later killjoys <3 4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~