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lets have a convo about a pile of shit, feel free to comment ;) PLEASE READ!

okay so the topic is EMO!

now from what i have heard, the way emo started was rock, emo bands now its turned into what gerard say is a 'pile of shit'! now instead of rock, people class emo as, Suicide, self harm, black clothes and black...EVERYTHING. why cant it be like how it started? more like a genre then a stereotype? why cant people accept others differences? see it would make life easier! there would be less bullying, not that i get bullied but it would be nice to see less of it!

okay so im more like the old emo. i like rock, ya know.

what the hell's happened to the site loll!
is this a sign, is the new album soon or something?

OMG now I'm more hyped then i was before cause like Pro Griefers video is out, Gee's sexy and sassyness still remains and the site is well different but awesome >.< shits got serious!

Anyways guys, if you haven't already you got to check out the video, Gee smiles, and takes the piss, and say "oh fuck" with this awesome expression on his face and its just like becoming to much cause hes like PERFECT!! *dies*

4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~

While We Are Here We Might As Well Dance.

From the bullets I brought and the love that you gave
Demolition lovers climb up from your grave.
Revengers get together and a kiss you shall blow
Three cheers to the army sweet revenge to the foe.
All are welcome to this large black parade
As we all march together hold high your grenade.
Killjoys join and together they keep running
Never look back because the danger days are coming.

We're underestimated, misunderstood,
We ran away as fast as we could,
But as we stand here, hand in hand,
We can get through this, with this one band.
You can try to fight us but you won’t succeed,
You can try to

bored, hot, bored, tierd... oh and bored!

so im sitting at my dads, on my laptop while they watch a film and im actually sweating buckets! and im bored and tired and cause im so hot and tired Ive got a major headache to. could i get anymore uncomfortable? Ive been playing roller coaster tycoon but Ive been playing it for ages hence why im so bored...

anyways is there anyone that could make things more interesting for me? someone just anyone message me or comment please.


okay so i never posted a blog yesterday, so this is going to involve yesterday's news and today's news <3

So basically, i have NOT done anything over my holidays apart from enjoying the fact that i can listen to music, watch videos and stare a piccys of MCR when ever i please! BUT... yesterday i went Thorpe Park for the second time this year cause i did go there for a trip XD

Anyways, i went on this ride called swarm twice cause where its the newest ride my sister and step dad has never been on it before, where as for me i went on it when i went on the trip so it was my third time on it...


Ive had an electric drum kit for ages now and never used it so i decided to start learning some MCR songs on it and sometimes add my own bit to it.

i know:
The End

i kinda know:
I'm Not Okay (i promise)
Summer Time

am i doing well? Summer Time is the newest song (danger days) that i can play cause like Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) etc. are really difficult for me to learn considering i don't actually play drums, i just enjoy it and it isn't a proper drum kit aha <3
but im doing well right?
Summer Time is kinda easy cause its a similar beat throughout the whole

everyone says no ones perfect...THEN GERARD WAY WAS BORN <3

Can someone explain to me why hes so perfect? Hes just so adorable and beautiful. Hes amazing and inspirational. Hes funny and kind. I cant name one thing that i find wrong with him. not everyone may see this but hes just so god dam PERFECT!!! Oh Gerard <3

4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~


Okay, so i must admit... i do have a very large way of words, i guess. I'm in a mood of giving advice. i do it quite a lot but i like making people feel better <3 so if anyone needs and good chat or some advice i am happy for you to message me and i will try and reply as soon as possible <3

4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~

Story Time......

3D TV! WE GOT A 3D TV. well its not that exciting considering i don't really watch TV hahahahahahahaha :P

anyways i have not got much to talk about, and I'm bored :/

OH OH OH i got a game. I'm gonna start off a story then you guys add a small sentence in the comments and we can see what the MCRmy's creative minds have to offer

4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~

okay here goes
there once was a hippo called Jim.......

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG... okay so the to add to the other zillion blogs about gerard's sexy soberness.

well done to the man himself. i can tell so many MCRMY followers are so proud on how well Gerard has slipped his way through. a lot of thanks towards the rest of the members cause if it wasn't for there help Gerard may of never broke though. its hard to place into words on how happy me and many others are and how proud we are that Gerard's managed to get so far!