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Total Desolation Part 28

Everything around me was black, there was nothing but darkness, then out of nowhere I saw the faces of my crew, then blackness again, then back to their faces. It took me awhile to realize that it was blinking that caused the darkness. I looked around the room, they were all in the living room of our base and I was leaning in the corner of the room with everyone watching me. I studied their faces, a mix of confusion and shock.
“So you're really Acidic Venom’s twin sister?” Raven asked.
“Yup, Midnight Madness.” I replied, my mouth moving without my consent.
“How come she didn’t even tell me?” Bomb asked.
“I’m a secret.”
“Not so much anymore.” Torture commented.
“It’s weird how you look exactly the same, like there’s absolutely no differences between you two.” V commented.
“Actually there is, Venom has a small scar on her upper left nose by her eye and I don’t.”
“Cause that’s so much difference.” Bomb said sarcastically.
“It is when that’s how your parent’s tell you apart.”

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Total Desolation Part 27

The Exterminators dragged me along behind them a while until we came to their white van, there they opened the back and threw me in and slammed the doors behind me.
I immediately took in my surroundings so I wouldn’t have to worry about that later. It was as I expected, totally empty. Deeming the back of the van safe I laid down in the middle of the floor with my feet closest to the door. I laid there listening to every sound and feeling every movement as the van jolted to life and began its journey, counting off turns and bumps and listening for changes of a dirt path to a gravel road onto a paved road and so on. When the van finally stopped I immediately checked my solar powered clock on my waist memorizing the amount of time it took to get here from the cliff and the path here and back. It wasn’t something many people thought to do and even less people could pull it off.

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Total Desolation Part 26

I found myself standing at the top of a cliff looking down at the dark river, the water looked black in the darkness of the night. It was a full moon and a starless night, with the occasional wispy cloud rolling past the moon, casting dark shadows across me. A long time ago I had come to this spot with a club I had belonged to with a bunch of friends. I was 15 at the time, it seemed so long ago. We were biking along the old railroad trail, which if you took to almost the end you would find yourself at the very spot I stood. I remember Bomb and I rode the trail alone, just the two of us and left our friends behind. We had the coolest teacher chaperone that came with us, he had joined Bomb and I at this very spot and we had a fun time together with the three of us.

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Total Desolation Part 25

Suddenly my attention came back to the road as I had a sudden jerk in my stomach. I looked ahead and veered off the side of the road, barely missing the vehicle parked sideways in the middle of the road, blocking it off. My bike skidded out from under me and flew forward, wheels still spinning, I had only been going about 125 mph. My trench coat was ripped up from under me, exposing me to the elements. My tank top was ripped and shredded from my body causing my torso to be ripped open from glass laying on the road from the vehicles broken windows.

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Cause I can

1) Height? 5'7"

2) Virgin? yes

3) Shoe size? 9-10

4) Sexual orientation? straight

5) Do you smoke? no

6) Do you drink? ehhh no

7) Do you take drugs? no

8) Age you get mistaken for? 20-25 I look and act older than I am

9) Have tattoos? no

10) Want tattoos? yes

11) Have piercings? ears

12) Want piercings? spider bite

13) Best friend? I'd have to say Sam

14) Relationship status? Single but looking for boyfriend

15) Biggest turn ons? Don't really have one

16) Biggest turn offs? Slurring

17) Favorite movie? The Final Destination movies

18) I will love you if... you're not afraid to be yourself

19) Someone you miss? Hate to admit it but my ex

20) Most traumatic experience? Almost killing my brother on accident

21) A fact about your personality? I'm insane

22) What I hate most about myself? I'm not the best at communicating my thoughts

23) What I love most about myself? I'm not afraid to be myself in front of everyone

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Total Desolation Part 24

I immediately swiveled my arms around searching the main part of the room, ready to shoot anything that moved. I slowly began making my way around the room to glance in all the hiding spots. I found another door towards the back of the room, most likely leading to a storage closet or something.
I dropped my raygun into its holster and pulled a survival knife from a strap on my thigh. Gripping my knife with my right hand I grasped the door handle with my left hand and slowly turned the knob. As soon as the handle was fully turned I threw back the door and surged forward, aiming my knife for the throat.
My knife stopped short of killing the being of the closet but rested on her throat, ready to kill her in a split second, if need be. I stared at the frightened face staring at me, eyes wide and mouth wide open in pure horrified shock.
“Daydream! What are you doing here!” I immediately removed my knife from its position and sheathed it.

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Total Desolation Part 23

Around 11:30AM we all went back in the house to sit down and chill after our training. Along with the hand to hand combat training and the target practice, I made us all go for a long jog thru the woods and we also had some time to practice on whatever else we wanted. Some of us did a little more hand to hand combat, Bomb and I did a little archery practice, I then moved on to throwing knives and stars. Overall we had a good training session.
I looked around at the 11 of us, most of whom were panting, they weren’t used to such hard training, especially the ones from BLI/nd. We were all mostly stuck in old clothes, worn thru in places, bloody and stained. Some of the younger ones of the group their clothes even slightly too small for them. I just stared at each one of them as they sat talking to one another.
“Alright who’s ready for a raid!?” I asked loudly above all the chatter.

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So Friday I had a homecoming football game to go to because I was nominated for homecoming queen, I didn't win but oh well, I didn't really care. The first picture is of me and my "date", he was the other nominee from outdoor club, he was nominated for king, he didn't win ether. And the whole game and half time show of the homecoming court was on live TV. And then last night, Saturday, I had homecoming dance to go to, I went with a bunch of friends. The second picture is of me and my "date" she's my best friend, Waterfall Bomb/ ThatPoet53. We went together with some other friends. We spent the night bumming around, taking a ton of pictures at the photo booth, avoiding a guy that followed me around all night, and taking to my "date" from the night before about getting rid of my stalker. My stalker had asked me out to homecoming and originally I had said "sure" but it was a giant mistake and I ended that the next day and didn't go with him.

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Total Desolation Part 22

I snapped my eyes open when I heard movement outside the door. I watched feet shuffle in the light from under the door. I pulled a knife from a sheath on my thigh and let my hand lay there as if I was still asleep and closed my eyes. I heard the door creak as it opened and listened closely, hearing the breathing of Raven behind me and whoever else’s breathing.
WACK! Something softish hit me in the face and fell to the floor. I opened my eyes to see Bomb standing in front of me. I returned my knife to its holster.
“What the fuck Bomb?”
“I’m not coming near you while you sleep. I know you sleep with weapons.”
“So you threw a pillow at me?” I said, picking up the pillow and throwing it at her.
“Yes, I’m not ready to die and I know you attack when your woken up.” She said as she whipped the pillow back at me.
I caught the pillow before it could hit me again and got out of bed. “Touche.”

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Total Desolation Part 21

When I woke up I found myself in a bed which didn’t make any sense considering I was supposed to be sleeping on the couch. I start to sit up but realise there's an arm around my waist holding me there. I start to turn around but hit my shoulder on his and wince in pain. This wakes Raven up and he sits us both up.
“How ya feeling?”
I shrugged, gritting my teeth slightly. That's when it hit me. “Who took over watch? I didn’t wake anyone. What even happened?”
“Relax. You fell asleep after we finished your shoulder and I brought you in here. I woke up Fang to take watch.”
“And you told him what?”
“I told him I found you out there asleep when I went to the bathroom.”
“And why am I sleeping in your room with you instead of on the couch?”
Raven went silent, he hadn’t thought of that. I rolled my eyes and got up out of bed.
“Where’s my trench coat?”
“I think it’s still out there.”