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phase is coming to an end

I feel it coming.... dun dun dun!

I have just bought a wardrobe of new clothes that are much more colourful and non emo than my older clothes. My music taste is slowly transforming from MCR BVB and A7X to twenty one pilots and the disney soundtrack. In a week im going on holiday to Lanzarote which will be very nice and warm meaning that I can ditch the skinny jeans after 3 years. Despite all of this, I feel like I am changing slowly as a person. I have become more happier. I have made new friends and formed a band in college. I feel myself being nicer to people.

Hurricane Matthew


I hope everyone that had to endure this storm is okay! I know that it got pretty bad and it is reported that 16 people died. I am sorry for the loses that those families had to endure. :(

I did personally experience the storm, but the only thing that really happened was my power went out last night. Nothing too terrible.

Once again, hope all is well for everyone!


Indiana vs Ohio State

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i found a new track

Me and danyell are tired now whai does autocorrect on Word do that all the time Idk. I am typing word words are in my heady/.