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I'm happy again

Music is doing its job. It makes me okay. Things suck lately, and Hesitant Alien and Stomachaches have been playing nonstop. I love them more than I love myself. I'm happy to be happy again. My blaring tunes save me frequently, my future hearing be damned. Does anyone want to add some cool crap? All I listen to is MCR, Gerard, FrnkIero andthe cellabration, and Fall Out Boy. Anything I should add to my radical playlist?

Stress + School.

I have so much homework, so what do i do?
Post a blog. Of course.
I hope someone is reading this :0 if not, that's cool too. i just need a place to rant.
First of all, I am a clean person. I tidy my room as much as I can every day, I organize things, clean things, etc, etc. So WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BUGS IN MY ROOM? i dont know why it bothers me so much.. They are tiny and they are everywhere, especially my closet. the other day i put on some yoga pants after school only to shriek and rip them off because i felt something moving. I look inside, and there's a whole community of bugs...
I do

going to scotland in summer

Edinburgh and Glasgow :)
Some advices ..... sightseeing or something awesome which I have to see XD

I'm a Slacker!

Hello all Killjoys! I'm back from spring break and it's only 4th hour and I'm hating school so much. We all know(or at least I think we do) that I don't do crap in 4th hour, just read and post blogs on here cause I'm a slacker. My teacher was like 'some of you aren't doing anything' and stuff, yet I'm not working. I was sick over break and just played Sims all day and watched Dan on Youtube so. Yeah. That's it. Check out my social media stuff if you want to talk to me:


Wattpad: Hesitaint_Hairdye

Twitter: luka_ann (I think at least)

Polyvore: sad_n_sassy


good morning Killjoys-!

Im starting school again and im really sleepy xD, anyways have a nice week and may the odds be ever in your favor!