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meet my friend salsa

Heya folks. The first thing y'all nned to know is that my name is not really salsa. My name is whatever the fuck I want it to be at the moment. Yesterday I was Sparkle Blood Wolfe. Tuesday I was DragonBlood Princess. Today I am hot fucking Salsa, because I am HOT HOT HOT. Tomorrow I'm feeling Blood Gumbo Jamboree. But I am a flexible woman, who knows, I might end up Plasma Gumbo Jamboree, motherfuckers. Second thing you need to know, I am a real mother fucking vampire. Don't mess with me bitches. I will suck you blood out of your beating heart in my hand motherfucker.

I miss you so faaaaar

I've been missing the band so much lately :(

Wake me up when year 10 starts

Yo, I haven't written for a while so I thought I would give everyone some quick updates, this blog is going to be long so y'all have been warned ;)
First thing which is also the MOST important thing, is I'll be making a 9 hour flight to get back to my second home Florida!! Now I go to The United States almost every year without fail, last year was Vegas Los Angles and San Diego. I'm mostly looking forward to Hot topic as this is my first time going during the 'phase'.
Second thing is "HOLY COW I'M FINALLY ONE YEAR AWAY FROM LEAVING SCHOOL" Now I seriously can not believe it.It felt like

Am I a Stalker?

umm so this might be a bit awkward. there's a tumblr page that has pictures of Gerard Way's house and I've been going on it regularly. am I considered a stalker?

what the hell

alright so I made up my mind to preorder the mcrx album on warner music Australia but when I went onto the collections mcr wasn't there did they like leave warner music or am I just dumb. below is all of the m results