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The blogs will expire

As I was resetting my password it said....

"This is a one time login for Catnew4mcr and will expire on July 22, 2016 - 4:58am.

So Basically they are closing down the blogs a day before the announcement, so we can't even go berserk about the announcement.

It's probably best that they do anyway to be honest. I mean this website will probably break because of the amount of people that will be on here.

Mcr are just an amazing band and whatever they do, I'm sure that it will be good.


i was at a friends house, i havent even been friends with her in over 24 hours. So we where just scrolling through the internet and i thought i would show her what mcr is. I went on there channel and started to freak out. I think she thought i was crazy idk. So i had to tell her this whole story and i dont even know how i made things even weirder, I was texting all my friends this and was doing my battle cry of "YAS". Idk what im doing but i just wanted to share my story of finding the video.

I cannot contain myself :D

I'm crying! No matter what it means it was still communication and message from the boys :') I can't believe it!!!! I hope they come to Australia!


So everyone is flippin their ish over this new video, right? The date at the end reads 9/23/16.
September 23, 2013.
What about 10/23, ring any bells? If you've studied these albums (like maybe a few of you have), you may recall the release date of The Black Parade is 10/23, October 23, 2006.
It'll be exactly 9 years and 11 months on 9/23 (I know that sounds horrible that is not my intended end point.)
They could have had the date at the end of the video be exact, right? If you ask me, I think that would be too direct. Its nearly been 10 years since we got that album.
This isn't anything rock

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