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Brain dump

I feel like I am moving forward emotionally but also slowly regressing back to a bad time in my life..
I had a year of happiness. Now this year comes and slaps me upside the face. Why. Why. Things are going okay with my friends and my classes are all easy as hell. I think I'm just looking for excuses to be sad. It's so irritating, I don't feel like I have any reason to be sad when I know I do but I can't be because of expectations people have for me.. like, I feel as if I can't be sad or else people can't deal with it, I understand why.

I'm not okay....

I'm at school today and I'd kinda screwed up a little at math hehehehe.....

today's random ideas

all my blogs have just started to have random titles mainly because I keep forgetting to put them and then come up with them out of sheer anger at the website for telling me I need one. surprisingly today's is actually kind of relevant. go me. but seriously can we get rid of titles?
anyways for the first thing I have to talk about I'm gonna geek out on y'all. so depending on what you listen to you may have heard a lyric with something involving "lightning in a bottle" I can thing of two (one of which being the summer set's Lightning in a bottle). but I was thinking about this.

meet my friend salsa

Heya folks. The first thing y'all nned to know is that my name is not really salsa. My name is whatever the fuck I want it to be at the moment. Yesterday I was Sparkle Blood Wolfe. Tuesday I was DragonBlood Princess. Today I am hot fucking Salsa, because I am HOT HOT HOT. Tomorrow I'm feeling Blood Gumbo Jamboree. But I am a flexible woman, who knows, I might end up Plasma Gumbo Jamboree, motherfuckers. Second thing you need to know, I am a real mother fucking vampire. Don't mess with me bitches. I will suck you blood out of your beating heart in my hand motherfucker.