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Can we just take a second... (MCRmy blog)

I know this is a very hard time for the fan base, I've been in it for years, but can we just take the time to think about how close all of this has made us ???

All of these rumours have made us closer than ever before, the community page disappearing briefly showed how much we love each other, making sure we all had somewhere where we could still keep in contact. It had been years since this website has had OVER 25 PAGES of blogs in one day, It may not be about the happiest subject, but it shows that we are all still here.


Even if somebody would've hacked the site, that wouldn't explain Frank and Gerard meeting up at Mikey's show. It also wouldn't explain the post in Kerrang magazine or Gerard leaving twitter untill sunday evening -which has allready past, Gerard talk to us please!?- for some unexplainable reason.
who even started gathering all this evidence by the way?! who decided to blow up the intetnet?!


Gerard told us he would be off twitter untill sunday night... which has allready past. Gerard where are you and when are you going to speak to us about this entire situation??!!
Everything is just so confusing... ugh...


I just want clarification (even though I know i'm not going to get it), it's evident we all have reason to be jittery but I just don't know if what we're all theorizing is going to happen.
Fingers crossed, though!

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