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My thoughts (today edition)

Here are some of my thoughts I had today. :

*You can't sing, please stop
*I'm a guitarist not a bloody drummer
*I bet you are here for the easy grade
*This bus is god damn fast
*You're a creep dude
*You're Lying
*You're lying
*Well that fucking hurt
*The 1980's were amazing for music oh my
*Music is a stressful subject
*Shit homework
*She really is beautiful isnt she
*Still haven't said anything
*Maybe I should make a move
*You are as smooth as sandpaper stop
*Maybe one day
*Almost time to go home
*I must seem like a twat to other people

thought machine 10012

Let me see you stripped down to the bone...

I wanted to address this element we call healing, because healing is such a misguided term. To heal is to recover from a sickness or pathology. In truth, ppl do not recover from pathologies, ever. The pathogen will continue to consume the host until the host is dead. Therefore, illness is only a learning process.
What healers call healing, however, and since there is no name for it in shamanism, is something that does not fully acknowledge a sickness, otherwise it would not even exist.

When things are good, something changes it

So it's been a couple of days. Now let's go into the highlights of the week so far.

1. The fire alarm went off on Monday 5 minutes before science finished. We went out to the Astro turf and had to stand ther for 20 minutes before they were sure that the school wasn't on fire. That meant that we missed out on my break. Luckily at my school, there are two breaktimes meaning I was put on late break along with everyone in the school.