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good karma

It seems we have some infilterors here peopowl. Well, you know what they say, you gotta clean the coffee filter when you tidy the sanctuary ;x
So, anyway, wat am i up to today. Well, i found a whole list of MM black and white cartoons. And I have been watchy them since yesterday. And as well, I mostly tidied my playlists and they will be exactly as they ought to very soon, yeah, Im really distractable these days lately. hahahahahaha
Thank you personaly, gerard and geerome, from the bottom of my black heart for distracting me so deftly.


What's your favorite MCR album?
(Conventional Weapons counts too)

Answer in the comments :)

MCR shirt

watched a movie yesterday and there was a girl waering a mcr shirt :D :D pretty cool!!!

movie was called....Max...think it was calledlike that....its about a dog from the marines

thats the way my love is

This is a song about taking me to <random place> for a stay, as per the official video (monies)