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what's the verdict, My Chemical Romance?

Are any of the band members going to speak up about the entire situation?
Are we supposed to move on and forget about everything that happened the past few days?
I couldn't stop thinking about everything that's happening right now it has been on my mind since yesterday and hasn't left since.
I feel like we should at least get an explanation for all this...

These rumors are killing me!!!

These rumors are killing me! I really pray to god they are coming back! #weNeedMCR


Look alive Sunshine.

No one knows what's going anymore. I'm not spreading rumors, but I've heard so many that I don't know what to believe.

The best thing I can say to all you confused but hopeful Killjoys out there is this.

Keep hope. Because the only hope for us is them.

I believe I speak for all of us when I say that we love My Chemical Romance no matter they are here or not. They will forever lie in our bulletproof hearts for the bulletproof future.

But the majority still want you back.

We love you.

Don't lose hope, Killjoys. Never stop making noise. That's the best we can do.


Like can someone please explain? I saw another rumor it was: what if this is a test to see if we want them back? i still so confused someone explain please! Thank you!

- The Killjoy Of Battery City

What if??

So what if them changing all this stuff is some kind of test thing. Like to see whether or not we want them back. It could be this one last tour kinda thing too. But either way, everyone on here is part of the same fandom, so we need to stop arguing about whether or not they're coming back.You got your opinion and i got mine